We love to help.

We love to help.

What is your fee structure? And how do I get paid?

It’s completely free to list on Outdoorsy. You don’t pay us anything until your first booking. We do an 80 / 20 split with you for any completed bookings that come from our platform.

  • You’ll get 80% of the total reservation costs, including any add-ons your renter purchases from you.

    • You have the freedom to charge extra fees for add-ons you provide to renters such as a generator, bikes, kayaks, etc.
    • You can also charge extra fees if a renter travels over the miles you allow on your RV.

  • The Owner service fee is 20% of the booking subtotal (the nightly rate plus cleaning fee, add-on fees, delivery fee and any other fees, if applicable, but excluding Outdoorsy fees and taxes). The 20% of the booking Outdoorsy gets enables us to keep doing the things we do to help you get your RV rented safely, quickly, and securely. These include things like marketing costs, Outdoorsy’s technology infrastructure, trust and safety processes / systems, and a 24 / 7  customer support organization. Owners can locate this fee on the reservation page for a given booking.
  • Outdoorsy renters are charged a service fee based on the total of their reservation, that ranges between 5% and 20%. Outdoorsy at times will adjust the rates or offer discounts.

How and when do I get paid?

We’ll automatically deposit your money into your bank account 48 hours after your renter gets the RV. Don’t worry, we use banking-level, secure online payments to keep everyone’s info safe.

Just a heads up that it usually takes 3 – 5 business days for banks to post that cash to your account.

How much money can I make?

This varies based on RV type and location. Check out our handy-dandy listing calculator to see how much you could make with your specific vehicle.

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