We love to help.

We love to help.

What steps do I take when a guest requests to change the dates of the reservation?

Outdoorsy has made date changes an easy experience for both hosts and guests. If the renter has asked to extend their trip after they have paid, both the host and the guest have the ability to suggest a date change right from their booking details page. 

Follow these simple steps to change the dates of a confirmed reservation. 

  1. Select the booking that you would like to make a date change on 
  2. Click on booking details
  3. Click on suggest date change 
  4. Input the new dates 
  5. Click submit 

The guest will then be notified about this request to change and they will need to accept it on their end. If you are adding additional days that will affect the price, the new price will be displayed right above where the guest accepts the change. As soon as the guest accepts the date change, their card will be charged for the added days.

This process can be done by either the host or the guest and is done the exact same way for both parties. 

Should the guest ask to have the trip shortened, which will require a refund, or the reservation is already confirmed and you need help adjusting the price as well as dates, contact our customer support via live chat (located in the lower right-hand corner of the site), by email support@outdoorsy.co or phone +1-877-723-7232.

We’ll need both the guest and host consent to change anything regarding reservation rates or additional fees. Usually, exchanging a brief message of consent with the guest on the Outdoorsy platform will work.