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The 4 biggest myths about Canadian RV insurance

The thrill of the open road is one factor that fuels our never-idle lifestyle. But without proper Canadian RV insurance, that thrill can turn to devastation if you run into roadblocks–both figuratively and literally.

Here are four myths about RV insurance to know before you go:

“My auto and home insurance covers my RV rental”

This isn’t guaranteed. Auto insurance may cover driving related incidents, but only for specific vehicle types, drivers, and locations. Home insurance might extend to damage on your personal property and storm damage, but liability coverage is generally a no-go. The only way to know for sure is to ask your insurance broker.

“I’m renting an RV, so I’m covered by the owner’s insurance”

This isn’t a myth with Outdoorsy (you’re welcome), but if you’re renting directly from a friend, relative or stranger, you may or may not be covered by the owner’s insurance. Protect yourself by purchasing your own plan, or by renting from an established company who can prove that you’re covered.

Blown out tire by the side of a lonely desert road. Canadian RV insurance.

“All RVs need the same type of insurance”

Towable RVs aren’t motor vehicles, so they don’t need their own auto insurance. Class A, B, and C motorhomes, on the other hand, do. While you’re towing a trailer, it’s covered under your vehicle’s liability insurance. But once parked, it isn’t. Make sure you have the right type of insurance for your home-on-the-road.

“All RV insurance is the same”

Insurance companies compensate insured parties differently. Some policies will buy you a brand new RV in some cases, but others will only pay what they deem your rig to be worth.

Before embracing the open road, check with your insurance provider and get up to speed on Canadian RV insurance. Supplement it if you need to. Or rent an RV through Outdoorsy, where renters and owners are fully covered with just one click.

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