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5 uniquely Canadian things you should try while RVing

When in Rome, eh? Do as Canadians do on your next vacation and you’re in for a real treat…sometimes literally!

Here are 5 uniquely Canadian things to add to your bucket list the next time you take an RV around the Great White North:

Taste maple syrup:

Aunt Jemima’s got nothin’ on real maple syrup! Once you taste the good stuff from a Canadian maple syrup farm, you’ll never go back. In the winter, check out a local festival where they pour fresh syrup on snow and roll it into a sticky, sweet treat. Did you know Canada supplies 80% of the world’s pure maple syrup?

See the Aurora Borealis:

The “Northern Lights,” as they’re also called, are most visible from Yellowknife and the northernmost regions of the country. With the right conditions, you’ll catch the incredible colours as far south as the 49th parallel (near the Canada/US border).

Play hockey:

Hockey is the great Canadian pastime, and a sport beloved by the entire nation (never get between a Canadian and their favourite hockey team). Play it indoors or outdoors, on an ice rink or on a frozen lake. Grab a stick and shoot that puck in the net! If you decide to rent an RV, see if the owner will provide hockey sticks or other outdoor gear.

Fill your tummy with yummy:

Canada is the home of many sweet treats and tasty snacks like Smarties (the chocolate kind), Crispy Crunch chocolate bars, Beaver Tails (deep fried dough, stretched and flattened to look like a beavertail), poutine (french fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds), and ketchup chips.

Uniquely Canadian. Turquoise waters of Lake Louise with canoes. Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Canoe or kayak on Lake Louise:

You’ve probably never see anything like it. Lake Louise is a stunning turquoise lake hidden in the mountains of Banff National park and is also an amazing spot for hiking and skiing. You won’t find this anywhere else.

We challenge you to try something new and uniquely Canadian on your road trip. Ask locals what’s cool or special to do in their town. Don’t forget: an RV road trip is the best way to explore Canada, so rent a motorhome from a Canadian on Outdoorsy Canada.

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