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Make long drives more fun: Tips to survive your road trip

Long drives don’t have to be boring. Use these road trip survival techniques on your next journey to make long drives more fun and make every kilometre count.

1) Listen to audiobooks

Whether you’re an avid reader, or someone who rarely cracks a book open, audiobooks can make time fly on long road trips. Visit your local library and borrow the audio version of your favourite book, or ask the librarian for suggestions. Otherwise, download a self-help or instructional book and make your time in the car super productive.

2) Switch drivers

Make sure the driver is fresh and alert. Even if one person loves/hates to drive, switch who’s behind the wheel periodically to be safe.

3) Play games

Pass time, share laughs, and learn about your road trip partners. Play a classic game like ‘I Spy’ or try one of these must-play road trip games.

Woman stretching at the side of the road in fall. make long drives more fun

4) Stay active

Sitting for hours at a time can take a toll on your body and mind. Set a limit for how long you spend on the road each day and make regular stops to stretch. Physical activities, like going for a run before you jump in the vehicle all day, will help keep you alert and burn extra calories.

5) Document your trip

Take photos, make voice recordings, or journal throughout your trip to help you appreciate the details. Try choosing a theme like funny signs, realtime thoughts, or interesting people along the way.

6) Queue up some tunes

If you need a break from audiobooks, line up an epic music playlist. Check out these 5 tips for building your road trip playlist.

Road trips are all about the journey, so make long drives more fun and make the most of every metre.

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