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How to become a full-time RVer

Are you thinking of taking the plunge into full-time RV life? As so many Instagrammers and bloggers can tell you, it was one of the best decisions they ever made.

Here are a few things to consider before committing to the RV life full-time:

1. Income sources:

Even though full-time RVing comes with fewer expenses than living in a home, chances are you’ll need some sort of income to support your travels. Look for opportunities where you can work from your RV. Can you work remotely as a writer, a designer, a virtual assistant, transcriptionist, a photographer, a blogger?

2. Mail forwarding:

Set up a service to have your mail forwarded to a post box, friend, or family member. If your local licensing office needs a “permanent” address for your driver’s licence, consider buying and renting out a small home, or renting a room from a relative to meet this legal requirement.

3. Driver’s licence & passport:

Make sure your driver’s licence and passports are up-to-date and aren’t going to expire soon. You don’t want to cut your trip short because you need to go home and update your ID.

4. Insurance:

Research RV insurance options that cover accidents, theft and illness. Make sure your coverage includes replacement value for your RV and belongings. We highly recommend partnering with Aviva!

5. Join an RV Club:

You may need to find more frugal ways to live when RVing full time, but one worthwhile investment is an RV club membership. This will get you special campsite deals and valuable discounts from their sponsors. Sign up for other loyalty programs that’ll save you money on other everyday purchases.

Life on the road can be a freeing opportunity for the right person (or people). However, 24/7/365 RV life isn’t for everyone. Test drive the lifestyle by taking shorter trips in a rented RV (care of Outdoorsy) to see if it’s something you’ll fall in love with long term.

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