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Go bison watching at Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

If you haven’t heard the news, admission to all Canada Parks is free for everyone 17 and under. That makes 2018 the perfect year to rent an RV with the family and explore some of Canada’s epic parks, like Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan.

It’s the perfect spot for camping, backpacking, wildlife viewing, stargazing, geocaching, and even checking out local dinosaur fossils! Here’s what you need to know:

How to find it:

This 900+ square kilometre national park is located near the Saskatchewan-Montana border. When you arrive, you can explore the area by yourself or participate in organized interpretive programs.

Wildlife and nature viewing:

In 2005, 71 bison were reintroduced to the area. 10 years later, their population grew to 310. Get a preview of these rare beasts by checking out the live bison cam. If you aren’t looking for big land mammals and flora is your real passion, this park has over 70 varieties of grass and 50 species of wildflowers.

Where to park your RV:

All lots have RV parking. Check out the Frenchman Valley Campground and make a reservation early. The roads also have lots of pull-outs, so you can leave your RV and explore the trails and lookouts on foot.  

Regulations you should know:

To help preserve and protect Grasslands National Park for future generations, please be considerate on your visit. Stay on paths, clean up any trash you create, and keep noise to a minimum so you don’t disturb wildlife and other park visitors. Also note that hunting, flying unmanned aerial vehicles like drones, and feeding/attracting animals isn’t allowed.

With all its wide open spaces, Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan is a great place to stretch your legs after a long road trip. If you need an RV to get you there, rent a motorhome from your neighbours at Outdoorsy.

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