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Canadian equivalents of favourite American road trip destinations

With endless iconic road trip routes and RV rental options, America is its own kind of heaven. But for many of the cool destinations, there are Canadian equivalents of favourite American road trip destinations. Check out these ‘sister trips’ for your favourite motorhome meccas:

The Pacific Coast Highway → Sea to Sky Highway

The great American west coast road trip begins in Washington’s Olympic National Park and trickles down the coast to Mexico. Spanning over 1,300 miles (2,092 km), Interstate 5 connects the three North American countries. But some of the most idyllic sections branch off to the shoreline in California, where they become the Pacific Coast Highway.

If you love the drive down the California coast, don’t miss the Sea to Sky, a relatively modest 100 mile (160 km) highway that stretches from the edge of Vancouver to the international ski resort of Whistler. Don’t let its shortness discourage you from making this incredible drive; the scenic route winds along the BC coast, cutting through pretty towns before heading inland to the mountains. Perfect for a short trip, you won’t need to set aside more than a few hours to see the glacial-blue water and hundreds of tiny, forested islands with snow-capped mountains in the background. It’s one of the most spectacular Canadian equivalents of favourite American road trip destinations

See to sky highway, Vancouver BC. Landcape, mountains, ocean and fluffy clouds. Canadian equivalents of favourite American road trip destinations

Utah Scenic Byway 12 → Alberta Badlands

The Alberta Badlands lie about 2,000 km directly north of Utah’s Highway 12. These two locations are incomparable to any other destination in North America, aside from each other. Watch for the red canyons, gushing rivers, archeological sites, and desert flora and fauna. If you really want to forget which country or era you’re in, we recommend stopping in prehistoric Drumheller for the thousands of dinosaur fossils and ‘hoodoo’ rock formations.

Alberta Badlands, Canada. Canadian equivalents of favourite American road trip destinations

Yellowstone National Park → Banff National Park

Known for its wildlife, volcanic pools, and sprawling wilderness, there’s nothing quite like Yellowstone National Park. But Alberta’s Banff National Park is a close equivalent. Home to thousands of species and awe-inspiring scenery, this Rocky Mountain tourist destination is an RVer’s paradise. Instead of sulfur-scented prismatic pools, geothermal activity in this region has created natural hot springs (where you can happily soak after a long drive).

Route 66 → Trans-Canada Highway

Route 66 is a legendary choice for seasoned road trippers. Spanning 3/4 of the US (from Santa Monica to Chicago) it’s a marvel not easily compared…except to the Trans-Canada Highway. Try this coast to coast ride from Victoria, BC to St. Johns, NB—it’ll take you nearly 5,000 miles (8,000 km) if you want to cover it all.

With these Canadian equivalents of favourite American road trip destinations and an RV rental from Outdoorsy, your ready for an epic North America road trip.

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