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What does it cost to rent a trailer in Ontario?

Exploring Ontario is the best when you can do it from the comfort and convenience of an RV. But if you’ve got a vehicle with pulling power, renting a trailer gives you the flexibility of separate living and driving spaces. While it can be super affordable to do it this way, it’s good to know the cost to rent a trailer in Ontario.

Here’s how much you should expect to spend for a trailer rental in Ontario:

Old vintage trailer parked. What's the cost to rent a trailer in Ontario

Daily rental rate ($50 – $250)

Renting a trailer gives you the comfort of an RV at a fraction of the cost of a self-propelled RV; plus, it gives you the flexibility of a separate vehicle for exploration. Keep in mind that renting through an unregulated private party (like Kijiji or Craigslist) may offer a lower rate than through an RV company, but it may not guarantee trailer cleanliness, maintenance, and liability.

Insurance ($25 – $1,500+)

Most RV rental companies build the cost of insurance into their trailer rates. If you don’t rent your trailer through Outdoorsy, be aware of deductibles and when you might need to cover minor damages like tires and windshields. There may also be gaps in the provided insurance, so read the fine print! RV-specific insurance policies are the best, and make sure you’re fully covered.

Learn the 4 biggest myths about RV insurance.

Camping fees ($25 – $60 per day)

For trailer camping, you’ll usually need to find a site with electrical hookups, and those are more costly than their tent camping counterparts. Costs can add up quickly! However, in Ontario Provincial Parks, seniors and those with disabilities receive a discount.

Gas ($20 – 200 per day)

You won’t get far with your trailer without something to tow it. Trucks and SUVs offer the best brawn for your buck, and gas costs will fluctuate depending on how many kilometres you’re looking to clock. Once you know which vehicle you’ll be using, current gas prices, and the route you’ll be taking, factor these into your trip.

Once you know the real cost to rent a trailer in Ontario, you’ll see that renting an RV trailer is the most comfortable and affordable way to enjoy Ontario. Outdoorsy makes trailer rentals a breeze–with daily rental and insurance rates built in, you’ll have less to worry about and more time to explore.

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