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Create an RV safety plan for your next Canadian roadtrip

RV trips are full of adventure and new experiences. Before your next trip, take a little time to create an RV safety plan so you can enjoy your voyage without worry.

Here are 8 things to include when creating an RV safety plan:

1. Make An Escape Plan:

Know all exits in your RV. Sometimes the door might not be accessible in an emergency, so plan alternate exits (like windows) just in case.

2. Have A Fire Extinguisher:

Have a fire extinguisher in an easily reachable place. Use it for fires inside or outside of the RV that you can’t snuff out. In addition, consider having some baking soda handy for small grease fires.

3. Identify Gas Shutoff Valves:

Memorize what to do if you have a gas leak. Make note of any gas shutoff valves in your RV and install a carbon monoxide detector.

4. Close Windows:

Before hitting the road, close all windows so fumes from other vehicles don’t fill your living area.

5. Plan Your Route:

Do research on the roads you were hoping to travel through towards your intended destination. Some may not be suitable for your RV, so check current and expected weather and road conditions before your trip.

6. Drive Safely:

To avoid tipping your rig, be sure to take corners a little wider than you would in a smaller passenger vehicle. Another quick tip: try to go over speed bumps with both wheels straight to avoid excess rocking of the RV.

7. Keep Emergency Contact Information:

Have the contact information for emergency roadside assistance and the RV owner (if renting) in case you have questions, or need help with the RV during your trip.

8. Share Your Itinerary:

Share your travel plan with a friend or family member in case there’s ever an emergency (this is a good practice for any vacation). You never know when you may lose service, and what snafus you may encounter when you do.

Before your next RV trip, create a safety plan and share it with everyone who’s riding with you (and someone at home) so you can focus on making new and exciting memories!

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