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What every Albertan should know about motorhome rentals

If you’re looking for motorhome rentals in Alberta, you’re in for a good time. Before you hit the road, check out these tips, stay safe, and make the most of your adventure. Here’s what every Albertan should know about motorhome rentals:

Crown Land Usage

Alberta residents can use public land for RV camping, free of charge. You’ll notice it’s vast and remote, so it may not be a surprise that most Crown land will not provide access to electricity or dump stations. Grab a generator, stock up on supplies, and see the Albertan wild on a budget.


Alberta is known for sunshine, chinook winds, and epic storms (sometimes all at once). While usually moderate, weather can change quickly and drastically, making Alberta roads and parks prone to hazards like flooding, ice, lightning strikes, high winds, and hail. Get proper insurance and watch the horizon for signs of storms.

Snow covered road and trees. Winter, weather, ice.

Provincial RV regulations

Get to know the province-specific regulations in case they differ from home. In Alberta, you can have propane on while traveling, but you can’t have anyone hanging out in an RV trailer while moving. Of all provinces, Alberta also has the lowest limit on motorhome height (four metres). Check out the provincial RV regulations before you hit the road.


From birds and fish to bears and deer, Alberta is home to all kinds of wildlife. It’s important to protect them–and you–during your trip. Don’t leave out food or feed the animals; it’s illegal in provincial parks and recreation areas. And watch out for wildlife on roadways, especially at dawn and dusk.

Speed limits

On Alberta highways, speed limits are usually 100-110 km/h. Some segments of Highway 1 and Highway 16 in the Rocky Mountains cap speed at 70-90 km/h, depending on conditions. The increased size and weight of a rental motorhome means it’ll handle differently than a regular passenger vehicle. Be extra cautious. Err on the side of safety before speed and never exceed the posted limit.

Alberta has so much to offer anyone with a motorhome rental. Happy travels!

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