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Try geocaching on your next road trip

If you’re looking for a fun family activity on your next trip, join the world’s largest treasure hunt: geocaching! People hide small boxes or trinkets and add the GPS coordinates to the geocaching website for others to find.

Here’s how to get in on the geocaching treasure hunt:

1. Create a free account at geocaching.com.

2. Download the free smartphone app from their website.

3. When you want to play, open the app and to see an interactive map with locations of all the registered geocaches in your immediate area (or any area you want).

4. Click on the icon of a cache to view the location difficulty (some treasure is easier to find), the difficulty of the terrain to reach it, and the physical size of the cache you’re looking for. The person who placed the cache will leave a description that explains the story behind the treasure and details on how to find it.

5. Scroll down in the app and read comments from other treasure hunters who found–or couldn’t find–the cache. This may give further hints on where to find it if you get lost.

6. After you find the cache, sign the logbook in the box and mark it as ‘found’ on the app. Add some comments if you want to help others who come after you.

Geocaching is a seriously exciting adventure to try on your next RV trip. Many of Canada’s national parks (like Pukaskwa National Park in Ontario) have official caches, so don’t forget check the app where ever you go.

The next time you rent an RV and set out on the open road, download the geocaching app and see what you can discover!

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