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5 ways get power when your RV generator fails

Proper cleaning, maintenance, and regular use will help keep your RV generator in tip-top shape. But what happens when it stops working on vacation?

First, make sure it isn’t just out of fuel. Check that you haven’t tripped a breaker and that there are no loose wires. Then try these 5 other ways to get power:

RV generator failure. A set of portable solar panels used for camping.

1. Use backup solar panels:

Small sets of solar panels are surprisingly cheap these days. They can power small devices like phones and tablets. You could even invest in built-in solar panels for your roof, although they’ll be more expensive.

2. Buy a portable generator:

Many RV generators are mounted to the rig. If yours fails and you need power, run to a hardware or camping store and purchase a portable generator to use until you can fix your original one.

3. Get a campsite with a hookup:

If possible, use a campsite hookup to power your motorhome. After a little cleaning, lubrication and charging, you might be able to get your generator working again. Fingers crossed!

4. Cook on a portable stove:

Have a portable camping stove and propane tank with you. If your RV’s stove top fails or you lose power, you can still make a mean meal or heat up your leftovers.

5. Pack solar lights:

Bring solar powered lights and leave them out to charge during the day. At night, you can use them to light your way. It can’t hurt to pack a flashlight and extra batteries, too.

Always be prepared. If power is important to you, bring backup sources so you can still enjoy your electronic devices and appliances if your RV generator stops working.

When you rent an RV, be sure to ask the owner what alternative or backup power sources they can lend or recommend. Generators don’t fail that often, but when they do, preparation is key for a happy trip!

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