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Talk the talk with this glossary of RV terms

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When RVing, do (and talk) like the RVers do. Here are some must-know RV terms to master before your next trip:

RV Features

  • Basement model: An RV with large storage area underneath
  • Bunkhouse: Bunk beds in an RV
  • Camper shell: A removable camper that attaches over the bed of a pickup truck
  • Cockpit: The driver and main passenger seating area
  • Galley: An RV kitchen
  • Hula skirt: An accessory (that looks exactly how it sounds) that hangs off your RV’s back bumper. It protects vehicles behind the rig from debris kicked up from the motorhome’s rear wheels

Water and Waste

  • Black water: Toilet waste that flushes into a holding tank under your rig
  • Fresh water: Potable water for drinking/cooking
  • Grey water: Waste water from the kitchen and bathroom sinks and showers
  • Dump station: A place to empty your black and grey water tanks

RV terms. An RV dump station sign on the edge of a building.

Camping Terms

  • Boondocking: RV camping without hookups or electricity
  • Bubble: A unit of measure to describe how the level the RV is sitting
  • Caravan: A group of RVers travelling together
  • Full hookup: A campsite with sewage, water, and electricity
  • Part-timer: A camper who camps less than full-time but longer than an average vacation
  • Full-timer: Someone who lives in their RV all year
  • Pitch-in: A camping term for a potluck meal shared with other campers
  • Pull-through: A campsite where you can drive straight in and straight out the other side without backing up
  • Snowbird: Someone who heads “south” in the winter for warmer weather

Want more? Click here for a few French RVing words to master for your next trip through Québec.

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