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5 ways to grow your RV rental business

Are you looking to grow your RV rental business from a side hustle to a profitable venture? To promote your business and get more rentals, keep these 5 tips top of mind:

1. Share, share, share:

People need to know your listing exists or they won’t rent it. Tell friends and family about the listing and ask that they share with their friends. Post a link to your social media followers. Share in local Facebook groups.

2. Take good pictures:

Make sure you post your listing with beautiful pictures. Here are some tips to take them yourself, or if you’re truly serious about making your RV rental a lucrative business, invest in a professional photographer.

3. Go above and beyond:

A little extra attention to detail can go a long way towards word-of-mouth referrals. It doesn’t take much, but think about leaving a special local chocolate or baked good, a personalized itinerary, or folded towel animals (like on a cruise ship) for your renters. Blow them away, and they’re more likely to refer you to friends.

4. Advertise:

Look for ad space on Canadian outdoor, camping, and nature websites (or classified sites like Kijiji) where people may go when planning their next trip. You can invest in paid advertising space, or look for opportunities to post a link to your rental ad for free (like online classifieds or online forums).

5. Be real:

Be honest and true in your listing. Let people get to know you, not just your rig. Consumers are more likely to rent from a ‘real person’ than a faceless company.

Listing your motorhome for rent on Outdoorsy could replace a full-time income if you have the drive and dedication to making it a business. We think you have it in you!


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