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Keep Canada clean: 5 smart tips for your road trip trash

One solid way to appreciate the beauty and epicness of Canada is a cross-country road trip. But along the way, you’re bound to make some road trip trash.

Keep Canada lookin’ fine by handling your garbage the right way:

1. Reduce your waste

Before your tires touch pavement, consider what you’ve packed. Can you switch out paper plates and disposable utensils for reusable dishware? Preserving Canada’s beauty and resources is worth the small inconvenience of dishwashing, right?

Rather than relying on fast food stops, stock up on groceries. Think of all the packaging and waste that come with one combo meal! Keep your groceries cold and fresh by making your own ice–just fill and freeze reusable water bottles.

2. Bring supplies

Throw in plastic or paper bags so you always have a place to store litter. Then, grab a large plastic container and line it with a bag. The lid will keep the garbage (and smell) contained. Plus, you can throw in some baking soda, laundry sheets, and/or Febreze to keep your car smellin’ extra fresh.

3. Toss it frequently

The more often you pitch your road trip trash, the less there will be (which makes it easier to find a place to responsibly dump). If you’re only tossing a shopping bag or two, you can easily hit up receptacles at rest stops, gas stations, and parks. Easy peasy!

4. Compost in your car

What?! The thought of keeping decomposing food in the back seat is wild. But with the right container (like a large mason jar), you can save the planet without stinking up your vehicle. Composting keeps waste out of landfills, and nutrients in your garden. Sweet.

Find out more about how to create a garden in your motorhome.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask

If you have a ton of trash, it’s hard to find a spot to dump it. But places where you spend money–like restaurants and stores–may let you use their dumpster or recycling bins (fo’ free!). Just ask.

It’s easy to do your part in keeping Canada clean, even on the road. Reading these tips is the first step. Next, find a road-trip-worthy RV rental on Outdoorsy

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