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One way RV rentals: Is it worth it for owners?

When booking flights, it’s not uncommon for people to book a one-way ticket and use another mode of transportation (like a train or bus) to get home. This travel style is also gaining traction (get it) in the RV rental world, and renters often request to drop off the vehicle at a different location.

Canada is a massive country, and most of its sights and cities are in the southern half. Not every traveller is keen to drive in a circle or go back the way they came.

Here’s what you, as an RV owner, need to know about offering these kind of rentals:

Opportunity for additional income:

By charging a fee for a one-way rental, you can pocket a little extra cash. When choosing how much to charge for this service, figure out how much it’ll cost you to travel to the pick-up location and back home again. If you want to make a profit, add a small percentage on top of that.

Opportunity for mini road trips:

You’ll need to find a way to get to the pick-up location, so why not make it a mini-trip? You could add a couple of extra days to get home and take the scenic route. Your renters are hoping to see more of the country, so why not you?

Opportunity to stand out:

Providing flexible rental options can help attract more renters. Make sure you include this value-add in your listing if you offer it.  

Offering one-way RV rentals can add additional costs for owners, but with a little planning, it can also bring in additional income and more opportunities. To list your RV for fellow camping-enthusiasts to rent for their next vacation, list your motorhome on Outdoorsy.

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