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The 5 perks RV renters look for in a rental

RV camping isn’t about roughing it. Your renters want to have some sweet perks with their outdoor adventure.

If you offer any of these five bonuses with your rig, we bet your booking schedule will soon be full:

1. Camera and mirrors

Driving a big rig can be seriously intimidating for someone who’s not used to all that RV. Maximizing visibility around the vehicle will make them feel more confident when they sign on to take charge of your house on wheels. Install aftermarket mirrors and cameras to help you rent your rig more often and lower the chances of it being damaged.

2. Upgrade packages

Even with a basic RV, you can create a special experience for your renters by offering a unique add-on. Organize packages themed around upcoming holidays or favourite local destinations. With a little effort, you can make your listing stand way out and earn some easy cash).

For inspiration, check out this article on how to create a Valentine’s day package.

3. Pet-friendly 

Renters want to bring their furry family members on the road with them, too. Advertising a pet-friendly rig is great, but consider a small project that could really stand out to pet owners. Check out some genius RV pet hacks from @theroamans–they really nailed it.

Small dog tucked into re-purposed RV storage bin
Credit: @the_roamans

4. Novel decor

Why take an RV trip when you could travel to another decade? With a rig like this one, which is remodelled to look like a 50s diner, you can do both! Unique decor puts your listing in high demand and makes it memorable for your renters.

5. Accommodating policies

Your motorhome or trailer could be awesome, but if your policies around generator usage, mileage, and drop off/pick up are too strict, it’ll likely sit unused. Balancing guidelines that protect your RV with renters’ needs for flexibility will make everyone happy. Consider offering one-way rentals, unlimited mileage, and generous cancellation policies–and price accordingly.

If your rig has any of these nifty perks, it could be a popular rental. List it on Outdoorsy and start earning income fast. If you need help, just ask!

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