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The Quarterly RV Tune-Up Checklist

Four times a year, give your RV a little TLC. This easy quarterly RV tune-up checklist is meant to cover the basics so you can get back to making money renting out your motorhome.


These simple and important tasks keep your rig looking good and working smoothly:  

Wash and polish inside and out – Work from the top down, and inside out.

Black and grey water tanks – Clean, flush, and sanitize.

Fresh water tanks – Clean and fill the tank.

Appliances – Deep clean the surfaces and interiors.


Preventative maintenance can save you thousands of dollars by helping you avoid major failures. Tick these items off your list and keep your rig on the road:

Oil – Change the engine oil at least once per quarter.

Battery – Check for charge and corrosion, and top up if you need to.

Filters – Change (or clean) the engine’s air filter, fuel filter, A/C and heater filters.

Lights – Check the headlights, tail lights, blinkers, licence plate lights, running lights, brights, fog lights, and dashboard indicator lights.

Tires – Check for proper inflation, adequate tread, and even wear.

Propane tanks – Look for the expiry and top ‘em up.

Fluids – Top up the windshield washer, coolant, antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering, oil (mentioned above), and automatic transmission fluids.

Hoses – Take a peek at the heater and radiator hoses for crack and leaks. Replace if necessary!

Belts – Check that parts in contact with the pulleys are free of major cracks or pits.

Generator – Change the oil and filters.

Hydraulic jacks – Make sure they’re in working order (if applicable) and check the hydraulic fluid levels.

Living Space

Just a few more checks and changes, and you’re home free:

Alarms – Check the carbon monoxide detector, LP gas leak detector, and the smoke detectors and confirm they’re all in working condition.

Fire extinguisher – Check for proper pressure.

Roof  – Look for cracks and damage that could cause leaks.

Lubricate – Spray hinges and locks with WD-40.

Furnace – Check for heat, and change or clean the filters.

Material seams – Make sure the seams in beds, cushions, chairs, and couches are intact. Repair them if you have to.

Congratulations! After completing this RV tune-up checklist, your rig’s ready for anything. Update your listing with some fresh pictures and get ready for more bookings.

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