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RV Rust: A simple guide to avoid corrosion

RV rust is like a superbug; it can overtake your camper in just a few seasons if left unchallenged. Luckily, with a little know-how, you can easily prevent and fix corrosion.

Here’s how to avoid RV rust:

What causes corrosion?

When you ding or scrape your rig and scratch off the exterior coating, the exposed metal will develop rust if you don’t fix it properly. Damage as small as a rock chip can be the start of a major corrosion issue.

Even when your rig is damage-free, road salt in snowy areas and sea salt in coastal areas can lead to rust on the RV’s undercarriage, frame, and joints.

But rust isn’t only reserved for the exterior. Condensation inside your camper can lead to rust on window frames, furniture, and appliances, too.

Preventing RV rust

Exposed metal rusts, so keep it protected under a coat of paint by touching up small exterior scratches and repairing any damage immediately.

Salt is a major culprit for corroding RV exteriors. Combat it by thoroughly rinsing the undercarriage after driving on winter roads or every 30 days in coastal areas. Pro tip: mix baking soda into your rinse water to help neutralize the damaging effect of salt.

Prepare for rust-inducing weather by winter-proofing your RV. No matter the season, clean your rig often and regularly perform visual inspections for chips and bubbles. The sooner you catch rust a-brewing, the easier it is to remove.

Removing rust on an RV

If rust has formed in a tiny area, use a stiff wire brush to scrape it completely off. Then cover the exposed metal with a rust-inhibiting paint.

When there are larger areas of rust, or when it’s on the RV frame, a professional body shop should handle the repair. Because severe corrosion weakens metal, a pro should confirm that your RV is safe before it’s back on the road.

Check your rig regularly to make sure all the coatings are intact and your metals are rust-free so you’re ready to list your RV on Outdoorsy!

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