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Why it’s best to travel Canada by RV

What’s your camping style? Do you want to grab a hiking backpack and a sleeping bag and relax under the stars, or do you prefer to have a roof over your head? If you’re the latter, RV life is probably for you.

Without many passenger train routes and with domestic flights getting more expensive by the day, here are a few reasons why it’s best to travel around Canada by RV:

You’ll save money on flights and accommodations:

Despite all the “deals” you might see on your Facebook feed, air travel is more expensive than ever, with so many extras and taxes not included in the sticker price. And it’s getting more and more expensive to find an affordable, clean hotel room anywhere near a major city or attraction. Thankfully, when you rent an RV, your transportation and accommodations are rolled into one price. No strings attached (other than paying a nominal fee for your campsite).

You can camp almost anywhere:

From big provincially-owned sites to small family-owned ones, campgrounds are everywhere. Heck, you can boondock wherever you want (almost)! You can usually find campsites just outside major urban areas, and compared to a hotel in the downtown core, they’re usually much quieter at night.

You can keep your travel plans flexible:

When you RV, you aren’t chained to flight or train schedules or hotel bookings. RVing gives you the freedom to stay in one place as long as you want. When you get bored, or are ready to move on, just jump in your RV and go!

Canada by RV. Canadian Rocky Mountains. Jasper National Park.

You’ll enjoy the scenery:

Canada is one of the most picturesque places in the world (at least we think so). When you fly to your destination, you miss all of Mother Nature’s scenic views like snow-capped mountain peaks, meandering creeks, steep valleys, amazing wildlife, endless farmscapes, and natural monuments…everything that makes Canada, well, Canada!

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