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Tracy C.

0September 2021

Neverlessdesign Design canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Debra R.

0August 2021

Neverlessdesign Design canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Lea A.

4August 2021

We were beyond excited to start our trip from Etobicoke to Tobermory (& Manitoulin Island!) in the fully off-grid converted Westie, as we had booked another Westfalia back in October with someone else to do an East-Coast Trip.

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Terence W.

5August 2021

Great trip, thanks so much for the great wheels, your instructions were helpful and everything ran smoothly. Plus, everyone we met on the road LOVED the way it looks!

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Esaie D.

5August 2021

We had an excellent trip using Hampus and Natalya’s Sprinter van for 4 days in northern Ontario. Surprisingly decent fuel consumption too for a vehicle of this size (we averaged about 12L/100km with mostly highway & backroad driving) and it helped that it runs on Diesel which was a bit cheaper than regular gas during our trip. It’s easy to drive, reliable and packed with helpful things like camping chair, BBQ, water boiler, utensils etc. to make planning even easier. Very comfortable bed and great use of the space inside. They’re very responsive and on top of a walk through when we took the van they also have a bunch of explainer videos you can watch before the trip or even during as they’re saved on the onboard system. This made the whole experience a breeze even for first time users like us!

Fani H.

0July 2021

Neverlessdesign Design canceled the booking 6 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Daniel P.

0July 2021

Neverlessdesign Design canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Alyssa M.

5July 2021

The owners were very responsive and helpful and the van itself was perfect! We had a great time and would rent this van again! We had everything we needed for an adventure in the woods and were very comfortable! I recommend the van :)

Jonah D.

5July 2021

Took the van up to Algonquin for three nights, was a blast. Wicked fun to drive, and had everything I needed for the trip. Communication with Hampus and Mike was easy, and both were very accommodating. My campsite at Algonquin had no electrical hookup, but that was no problem as the van easily held it's charge for what I needed for the three days/nights. Will definitely rent again in the future, and highly recommend to anyone!

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Andy C.

5July 2021

We rented this van for a camping trip to Algonquin Park. A wonderful self-contained and quite comfortable camper. The bed was very comfortable and it was quiet inside -- so much more quiet than when sleeping in a tent with 1/16" of nylon between you and all the outside noises. The camper was retrofitted very well and lights, fan, USB charging port were very convenient. Hampus and company were great to deal with. Pickup and drop off went very smoothly. All in all, a wonderful trip due to a great vehicle and a great owner.

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Alyssa N.

5June 2021

What a beautiful trip! Thank you to our hosts for providing a clean, well maintained vehicle! We felt safe and well equipped with various resources that provided information of the van. Mike was a Greta help in going through all the parts of the van in person, answering any questions we had and providing easy pick up and drop off times! A wonderful experience with lasting memories. We will absolutely be renting again!

Neverlessdesign ’s answer

We are so happy that you liked it and had a great time:) thank you!

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Peter P.

5May 2021

"The van made our adventure incredible. I am a hiker and camper so I love the outdoors in general, but this van made it so much better. Great bed makes big difference when you are tired from a 30 km hike and a good night sleep is very important to recover – as soon as you touch this bed you already asleep. Portable stove makes it easy to cook inside or outside whichever you prefer. Also portable washroom and shower makes it easy to set it up outside, when you want some privacy 😊. Portable fridge cooler serves its purpose plus you can use it as a seat as well you can move it around or outside. The van is also very much off grid converted so you don’t really need any power as it charges through the alternator and solar panels installed on the roof. There is also a diesel heater that you can use through the chilly night, not worrying about gas or battery running low. Its a tank on the road and handles very well and pretty conservative on gas(Diesel). We traveled to McRae Lake, Killarney and kill bear and the best part about this van is that you can park pretty much anywhere without worrying that someone will knocks on your door. The couple that we rented the van was very lovely and went through every feature to ensure that we know where everything is. It was the first time for us renting and travelling through outdoorsy and just generally renting a camper, but definitely not the last one, we loved the experience and look forward to travelling again!! "

Dhrumil U.

5April 2021

This camper van was like a dream come true for us. In fact for anyone who loves and enjoys travel, I'd say this is the best way to do so while maintaining social distance. They have thought of practically everything you'd need on a road trip including overnight comfortable camping!

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Dhrumil U.

5April 2021


Neverlessdesign ’s answer

Thank you soo much for taking the time to write this review, it means a lot! We are really happy that you had a great weekend get-away in the van. We took your advice and have already ordered a Bluetooth receiver so that you will be able to connect directly from the phone to the amplifier instead of aux. And we will look into why the Bluetooth connection didn't work with the screen! Best regards Hampus and Natalya