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Jasmin K.

5June 2023

This was the best RV experience my husband, friends and I have ever experienced. Tom was communicative, before, during and after the trip. He went above and beyond with all the amenities we needed and made sure we were prepared for our trip. He also takes excellent care of his RV to make sure everything is in order for experiences like ours. Thank you again Tom!

Curtis P.

5May 2023

From the point of contact to return, Tom has been the man. I will be looking forward to renting again. If you rent, don't take my dates, LOL! Enjoy renting from Tom and his wife. He is there from beginning to return.

Benjamin A.

5October 2022

Rebecca R.

5September 2022

Tom’s RV was exactly what we needed for a long weekend trip with a little one. He was a great host and the RV handled great and was a nice home for a few days. Would definitely rent from Tom again if the occasion arises in the future!

Steve F.

5August 2022

Entire rental experience was great from beginning to end. Will definitely do it again.

Colleen P.

5June 2022

The RV was perfect! Very spacious for our family. This was our first time RV-ing and Tom made sure we were prepared for the trip. He was a great owner to work with. We will definitely be doing this again in the future!

Jonathan S.

5November 2021

Wonderful experience from the reservation to trip completion. Tom was very thorough and helpful. Made our trip a breeze.

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Jerome W.

5October 2021

Candy W.

5July 2021

This trip was a miracle and if it hadn't of been for Mr.Tom it would have never happened my mom is on hospice and wanted to go to Cedar Rapids,IA from Fayetteville, TN everyone said no she is on to much oxygen Mr. TOM SAID I THINK IT WILL WORK ALL WE CAN DO IS TRY and try we did my mom was able to travel comfortably safely and relaxing she is 75years old and was able to take the trip

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Charles R.

5July 2021

Tom was a tremendous host with a wealth of knowledge. Extraordinarily accommodating, Tom comes with our highest regards for this trip
And in the future.

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Rob K.

5June 2021

We rented this rv to travel out west and we had an absolute blast. We have a family of 6 and we utilized every possible sleeping and living configuration in the rv. It was spacious and well-appointed. The owner, Tom, was very knowledgeable and helpful and friendly. We had a wonderful time.

Brian S.

5June 2021

Tom is very friendly and offered a lot of great advice to us. We were first time RVers and his guidance on everything from RV setup to driving was exceptionally helpful. The RV itself was in good condition and everything seemed to work just fine. Plenty of storage is available to take gear and supplies with us. The queen sized bed in back was very comfortable and the kids enjoyed the bunk over the cab. The slide outs provided just the right amount of additional space to allow four people to move around without feeling crowded. Looking forward to renting again from Tom in the future.

Christine B.

5May 2021

Tom was really kind and flexible. His tour of the vehicle was really informative and it was a great trip. Highly recommend.