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Brad R.

0April 2023

Rodrigo Martinez canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

santiago K.

0December 2022

Rodrigo Martinez canceled the booking 0 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Candace M.

1July 2022

Let me start off by saying the RV I’m rating is not the one pictured…apparently the that one was wrecked and he had to give me another one in which I’m about to explain my nightmare RV experience. As soon as it was dropped off, they apologized that they broke the passenger mirror while washing it. During my inspection with them I started noticing several things like the moonroof was shattered, hubcaps were missing, big dents, the interior was not “cleaned” there was sand and dog hair in every crevice, awning was completely ripped off, and I swear those were flea bites at my ankles. Next I tried to turn the AC to cool it down while loading up for our trip to the East Coast. Well— the AC didn’t work. Rodrigo tried to talk me thru some steps but ultimately none of that worked. So I had to meet his technician across town to troubleshoot and repair the AC. As you see in the photos it was in safely rigged but I thought ok we can work with this he said it was ok. An hour into our trip the radio went out, and all the while that’s ok I brought a Bluetooth speaker the issue is now I didn’t have cameras to view when using blinkers or anything. Ok fine…push thru that situation. Then the sun goes down and my children try to turn a light on, none worked. Tried resetting breakers troubleshooting the situation it seemed like a wire shortage somewhere. we never got the lights back during our trip. Ok fine, we can deal with that. Now at this point 7 hours into the road trip the generator now keeps tripping and would not stay on which AC the back part of the RV where my kids were sleeping. Ok, pulled over tried to restart, now the issue is we now have to use the jumper cables to jump the batteries to start the generator. The batteries were in dire need of replacing but if you haven’t researched, those things aren’t cheap. Ok, now we’re having to stop every 50 miles to jump the batteries to start the generator. My thoughts were ok turn around this may be a disaster trip. But we pushed thru. Getting to our destination we then realized he gave us a power cord that was completely burned up and was unsafe to even plug the camper in. We decided we were now going to have to stay in hotels because the list of things wrong just felt unsafe. The owner was so shocked when I called to tell him all these things, he offered two days for free. $1,600 later in hotel fees, being miserably hot because the AC didn’t work half the trip home and it was one of the hottest weekends of the year, the inconvenience and time added to our trip because we had to stop every 50 miles to jump the generator doesn’t amount to “two days free” and now the owner will not respond or call me.

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Douglas M.

0July 2022

Rodrigo Martinez canceled the booking 3 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Derek B.

5October 2021

Rodrigo was great and the RV was as advertised. Would definitely book again!

Lena E.

0October 2021

Rodrigo Martinez canceled the booking 0 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Jacob G.

4July 2021

Russell C.

5July 2021


Sarah H.

5June 2021

What an amazing adventure! This RV trip was our first and we were plenty nervous and had a million questions. The Owner, Rodrigo, answered all of them and was so helpful before and during the trip. I also watched YouTube videos on the model and for RV first timers and that was very helpful. This RV has every and anything you need and it was all easy to work the controls. My husband and I had never driven a vehicle this big but after an hour at the wheel we felt like pros! There are cameras and you just have to take your time and get relaxed with it. The beds were comfy, the AC worked great, there was plenty of storage and we made some terrific family memories out in the countryside where there is no wifi or cable. We cannot wait to rent again!

Casey T.

4May 2021

As I stated the vehicle fit our needs.