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Karen S.

5September 2022

Very nice little camper with lots of amenities.

Otto K.

5June 2022

Bill W.

5June 2022

I've been curious about Aliners for a long time so I finally got to experience one thanks to Eric. He had the RV clean and filled and ready for us. It was pouring rain when we picked it up but Eric had backed it into a shed allowing him to give us instructions without getting drenched. He was friendly and helpful and gave us tips and advice. The few times I did have additional questions, Eric texted me back quickly. The Aliner is an engineering marvel and performed beautifully for us.

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Terence N.

5April 2022

Great trailer and experience renting.

Joerg W.

5July 2021

Very nice experience renting the Ranger 12 from Eric. It garnered quite some interest from the other campers. Will rent again. Thanks Eric! I had a great weekend in Sturgeon Bay with your camper.

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