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Yulia G.

5September 2023

This was my first time renting a van or from this website. I had such a great time! The process was super easy. Prices were good. And the host was AMAZING. We’ll do it again

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Kathleen G.

5August 2023

We had an awesome trip on Wyoming with Yvette s van. It is very well thinking and complete with all accessories. The van was also very comfortable (bed and seats). The solar panels were very useful and worked even under heavy rain. It was very smooth to drive we really enjoyed it and communication with Yvette was great. Thanks again !

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Erica N.

5August 2023

The perfect van for this trip! The vans was stocked with everything we needed and more! We had an amazing time and this van made the trip so comfy and cozy. Can't wait to do this again!

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Roberta G.

5July 2023

My husband and I traveled to the Tetons, Flagg Ranch, Yellowstone, and then up to Glacier NP. The van had everything we needed beyond our personal belongings. All we had to do was buy food. We loved having everything with us as we traveled. There is a huge variation in the temperature in July, so it was awesome to be able to just get shorts on when needed, or have our jackets and pants available without having to go back to a camp site. We are seniors and typically have to go back in the house a couple times after getting ready to go somewhere. So, if you are forgetful like us, you will really appreciate the ease of having everything with you all the time. The bed is super comfortable, but my husband did have to get used to sleeping on his side so his legs weren't stretched out in the way they are at home. It is plenty wide, just a bit short. I'm 5'2" have had plenty of vertical space. If he was by himself, he could have slept diagonally just fine. We loved being able to park in car parking spots and the van is easy to drive. We usually stayed in campgrounds, but when we weren't in the parks we used dispersed camping. Having a place in the forest all to ourselves (and some cows that showed up) felt very freeing. Yvette is easy to work with and has a wealth of information. The ceiling vent fan stopped working and she was willing to drive all the way to where we were and deliver a fan to us! You can't go wrong with this rig!!

Ilsa F.

5September 2022

I rented the van from Yvette for 5 nights to cruise Jackson and Grand Teton NP and surrounds on my own.

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Maya B.

5September 2022

Gareth M.

5September 2022

I had a great 10-day trip in Yvette's van. It's a simple camper conversion, and a very comfortable and cozy space with pretty much all that's needed for an epic trip. Kitchen setup is perfect for morning coffee and I took the stove outside to use on picnic tables etc for more involved meal prep alongside the campfire. The van is well equipped e.g. with extra stove, chairs, blankets etc. I'm 6ft and slept comfortably in the bed, though as Yvette mentions it would be snug for 2 people esp. if taller but definitely workable. Van drives great with chunky tires for dirt roads and can be parked anywhere a regular car can which is great for seeing the parks. Yvette's camp spot recommendations were fantastic, I went to many of them. Sinks Canyon was a highlight. The fridge did go very cold and froze things but leaving it unplugged over night seemed fine. There were a few minor teething problems e.g. broken FM radio, slight issue with gas for stove and a couple of items that would have made for an easier trip, but Yvette was quick to help and I'm sure will resolve all these for future rentals. Overall I loved the trip -- if you're ready for a rustic off grid adventure I definitely recommend this van!