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Tim R.

2June 2023

I was reluctant to go with this one seeing all the cancellations made by the owner a day or two before departure. But decided to go with it anyway. When i met Tyler he seemed nice and he even let me pick it up early. The trip was good and the camper was great and had everything I needed for it. But when we came back the problems started. I originally had asked him if we could add a day and he said someone had it booked for the next day but I could bring it back late with no late fees as long as it's back by midnight. I had it back around 10pm and messaged him the whole time letting him know my eta and he said it was fine. He didn't want to go over the camper again before I left with k thought was strange but it was late and I was tired so I left. Everything seemed to be great. The next morning I get a charge for a late fee for more than the price of an extra day. I messaged him asking what was going on with the late fee because he said no late fee if I bring it back by midnight. ( see pic) He did not respond. Instead he files a claim for damage and now my security deposit is being held. There is no damage caused by me. I have a feeling this is a scam and I would steer clear of this one. The claims department is working with me to resolve this and they said it's not the first claim with this camper. Also the day he charged the late fee all the sudden half of the conversation was deleted including the message where he said I could bring it back late. Thankfully I had already taken a screen shot. I had a weird feeling from the very beginning and I should have went with my gut but the price was what we could afford. Do yourself a favor and spend a little more money on a different one from an honest person. You'll just end up spending more here when you get ripped off.

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Michael S.

5May 2023

Very good overall experience, very nice guy to deal with, hooked up my buddy and I with a great deal!

Alfredo R.

0March 2023

Tyler Stuhr canceled the booking 3 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Kenny O.

0January 2023

Tyler Stuhr canceled the booking 4 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Ana A.

0January 2023

Tyler Stuhr canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Alan T.

5December 2022

Michael F.

5July 2022