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Mirko A.

5June 2023

Kacey was super helpful with answering all our questions about the RV. The vehicle was clean and fully equipped. We had a wonderful trip!

Ben P.

5April 2022

Nice van, well equipped and easy to drive. We dealt with Austin who was great.

David C.

0October 2021

David B.

1April 2021

We didn't have a great experience. The owner was difficult to communicate with before the trip and when we had problems during the trip they were unresponsive. In addition to being a pretty worn vehicle with stained cushions, the biggest problem was the batteries not being able to hold a charge which meant some very frigid nights when the heater stopped working (we didn't use shore power). Even our pop up camper can handle a night of running the heater. When I notified the owner after the first night, Kacey replied he thought they were new but generally did nothing to address our concern. We ended up cutting our trip short as a result. Other things that were disappointing was the super old windshield wipers (better off than on), inadequate bedding (thin and stained), minimal cook gear, shower dripping with brownish water, malfunctioning awning, and broken storage piston (to keep the lid open). It would be nice if they advertised photos of the actual vehicle vs. The promo photos and prices the unit accordingly. Definitely not 'premium' and compared to other rentals in the past, this might have been the worst.

Julie H.

3August 2020

The unit was dirty inside and out when we picked it up. We cleaned ourselves before getting on the road. Once we cleaned the unit...loved it! Ran well, easy to drive and get around. A few things didn’t work quite right. Kacey gave us a credit for the things that didn’t work.

Bernadette E.

5July 2020

We rented a 2019 Jayco Greyhawk and it was clean and everything worked well. We had a great time in Yellowstone. It wasn’t quite the same RV that we ordered online the layout was a little different. But it still worked for us and had everything we needed besides the orange tabs for the black water. But truly a great experience and whenever we text or called they get back to us. I would definitely rent from him again

Sam B.

4August 2019

There was a lot of potential for this to be a great trip, but it got off to a rough start when Kacey forgot he was to deliver the motor home to my house, and instead had it delivered by a man who didn't know much of the mechanical details, I assumed that everything was in working order, but when we arrived at our camping spot, we were unable to figure out the auto leveling system (it seemed to be turned off). That evening, we wanted to use the inverter to power the outlets for a person in our party who needed a C-Pap machine at night, but the batteries wouldn't hold enough of a charge to accomplish that, and turned off after only being on a few minutes (not a pleasant time for that guest at night). We arrived back in Boise, and Kacey informed me that I still needed to pay for him to pick up the motor home --- a rather unpleasant surprise, since I thought that was already billed at the time of reservation. On the other hand, the rest of the motor home operated as advertised, and the beauty of Redfish Lake, softened our disappointment, With all this confusion, I'm hoping to at least get my full deposit back.

Cody F.

5May 2019

we really enjoyed our trip and Kacey was great to work with. The RV was very nicely equipped. He provided a great orientation and support throughout the trip. Was very flexible with drop off time and pick up.

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