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Alan S.

5January 2024

Ivo was a fantastic host. He was very communicative, reachable and available and made sure that I had a great time on my trip and was always on top of all of the logistics. Love all of the ways he's customized Pumba and the mattress kept me warm on some cold nights in the desert, would definitely rent again and recommend.

Travis L.

5July 2023

Pumba is amazing! So comfortable and functional, you’ll be hard pressed to find another camper van as fun as this one. Excellent communication for super easy pickup and drop off, Daniel and Ivo are super responsive and helpful. Can’t wait for our next adventure in Seattle with Pumba!

Justyn D.

5April 2023

Ivo is absolutely amazing. I got last minute tickets to Coachella and was scrambling to figure out a camping set up. I messaged him the evening before I was supposed to head out and he was super accommodating and helpful. When we met up he shared a detailed breakdown of Pumba so we could be well set up. Everything went perfectly! Pumba drives well, kept all our devices charged, kept us cool during the day, provided comfortable sleep and just an overall awesome experience. Would 100% use Pumba again for Coachella or any other outings.

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Martha G.

5October 2022

Had an amazing time with Pumba! We got so many compliments asking if the van was ours. We drove for 4 days and had zero problems. The van had everything we needed for our glamping trip through Washington. If I ever return, I will for sure take Pumba out for another ride!

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Erin P.

5August 2022

Pumba was just what we needed! We took him on a week-long loop around the Olympic Peninsula. Ivo had Pumba stocked with literally everything we could have wanted, it made our trip very streamlined & comfortable. Takes a little getting used to not being able to stand up fully so I wouldn’t *love* it in the rainy season when you would have to cook inside so I would bring a pop-up tent/awning if you are expecting rain & wanted to do much cooking etc. The van handled tight roads & steep inclines much better than I anticipated & the rooftop deck is perfect for taking in the scenic views on the roadside!
Ivo was extremely friendly & helpful, he gave us great recommendations of places to stop on our journey and responded immediately when we had a small hiccup. He also made sure we knew where every amenity was located and how to use them before we departed!
The solar setup worked perfectly and relieved any stress about keeping electronics charged and everything functional.
Would absolutely take Pumba for another trip in the future!

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Jesseka C.

5July 2022

Such a wonderful van to adventure around WA. Really well kitted out with the essentials plus all the extras one might need! Cooking/cleaning products were much appreciated as a traveller with limited luggage. Loved taking Pumba to the mountains, and appreciated the helpful instructions on how to use the features of the van.

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Maggie M.

5July 2022

My friend and I LOVED driving Pumba around for a few days. We took him to see all 3 Washington NPs. Ivo did a great job making sure we had everything we needed, particularly stuff we had forgotten. There was also ample storage space that we definitely needed. Pumba was very comfortable and reliable (not to mention so stylish). We ran into no issues on the road and he was super easy to drive. The rooftop deck was a big seller for us and we used it every night to eat dinner on and every day to get the *perfect* views. The solar panels were awesome and made van living very easy for some inexperienced travelers. We both agreed that sleeping in Pumba was some of the best sleep we'd had because of how comfy it was. I would recommend Pumba to anyone travelling solo or with a buddy. Living out of Pumba was exactly what we were looking for and we will miss driving him around so much!

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James V.

5June 2022

Excellent experience! Ivo is easy to coordinate with and very helpful. Pumba beautiful — inside and out lol. The van is comfortable and drives really well! We traveled around Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier for 3 days with no problems. Thanks, Ivo!

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Haneen O.

4April 2022

The pumba was a really great van for our trip. We went to olympic national park for 4 nights. It was a little cold in April still so had to buy some extra blankets, but overall the necessities are all included! Ivo was enthusiastic and helpful during the process.

Kenneth D.

5October 2021

Ivo was awesome! Made it super easy to get going. Original plan was in a tent. So this was a luxury upgrade considering it rained most of the weekend! The whole experience was to see what it would be like. Pumba was practicle for an eating and sleeping getaway during a pandemic. The people you meet, the different places you go, the things you see, the different foods you taste courtesy from a relible and secure little pig, er... rig to get you there. Well worth the trip!

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Katarina P.

5October 2021

The best first time camper van experience! Ivo was super responsive before our trip and during it when we had any questions. Pumba is great van, has all the necessities, and is always easy to spot in a parking lot :p

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Aileen M.

5September 2021

We felt completely relaxed and happy in this artful customized van. The exterior aura set the mood for our fun adventure to the Gorge for the Tame Impala concert. We were amazed at how comfortable the mattress was, for both lounging in the afternoon during a light rain, and then for an amazing night of rest. We found the interior space thoughtfully organized and efficient so that we could clean and pack up quickly. The van drives easily. Communication with Ivo and Cori was really easy and pleasant, they were accommodating and kind. We highly recommend the Pumba for a weekend adventure!

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Kelyn H.

5September 2021

Pumba was perfect for our trip to Baker! Will definitely be renting again.

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Jamie M.

5September 2021

We had the best time! Pumba was perfect for the occasion and I would easily rent this out again. Ivo was the best host. After planning this almost a year in advance and helping me figuring things out through rescheduled concerts, I cannot recommend Ivo enough. Incredibly easily to communicate with, bending over backwards to help, and just really pleasant to talk with anyway!

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Trinity B.

5August 2021

Omg where do we start:
The van has character! It's beast of a van but an easy drive. Comfort for cruising the scenic highways.
We drove to the Gorge was the talk of the campsite everyone wanted to see the "painted van". The bed in the back gave us the best sleep better than most hotel beds, and the roof was perfect for sunbathing or playing Uno. We absolutely loved our time with Pumba. It made our camping experience an awesome one highly recommend it! Happy Camping!

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Mark H.

5August 2021