Looking for a perfect spot in the Aiken/Augusta area to spend a long weekend. This is one of our favorites! Let us know before your trip for details.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
This teardrop camper is the perfect no-fuss, yet comfortable way to travel.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Our full outdoor galley comes equipped with plenty of storage, a yeti cooler, butane stove, and detachable side table for extra counter space.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Go further, spend less, and sleep better in the Wander Tear Vaga Teardrop!. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Teardrop camping is perfect for those who want to spend ample time exploring the outdoors, but get a great night of sleep so they can do it all again!. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
If you'll be camping in the SE in the summer, you'll want this portable AC unit. Make sure to select it in our add ons!. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
No need to leave your pups at home while you have all the fun! Be sure to select our refundable "Pets" add on! *Stargazer window now installed.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Our Roam awning is a quick and easy way to get some shade while camping. It is 6x8 feet and as adjustable legs so you can stay out of the sun.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Honestly, on most vehicles you can barley feel this thing back there. We have a Tacoma and a Crosstrek and both handle it perfectly.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
No more spending money on expensive food. Pull over somewhere pretty and whip up a meal in the galley. Here we enjoyed soup at Bonneville Salt Flats.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
The best thing about our teardrop is the lack of set up and tear down it requires. Pull into a spot, level it, unlock the doors, and you're camping!. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
This light weight, easy to two teardrop not only saves you money on gas, but allows you to go places you couldn't in a big rig.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Need to work on your trip? No problem! Paige has taught virtual classes too many times to count during our camping trips.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Interior cabin featuring storage cabinets, table conversion, and 10 speed vent fan. Sleeps up to 6'3" comfortably.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Our tiny camper comes with everything you need and nothing you don't! For a unique camping experience, this is the rig for you!. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
This queen sized bed fits two and a large pup or small child perfectly! With locking cabinets, you can store clothes and other items conveniently!. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Camping is about getting out into nature, not bringing the inside with you! Our teardrop is the perfect way to see more and get further off the grid.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
This tiny camper definitely gets it's fare share of attention every time we travel. I mean, look how majestic it is at Death valley National Park!. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Leveling our camper is extremely easy. We have a level on the tongue to quickly make the necessary adjustments.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
One of our favorite things to do when we camp is open one of the doors and watch the sunrise from our bed. Where do you want to wake up?. Wander Tears Vaga 2020
Explore more and travel further with our tiny teardrop trailer. This is from our honeymoon trip in the beautiful state of Utah.. Wander Tears Vaga 2020