This is a stock photo from Opus of the Caravan set up in camp mode.  This is a "hybrid" trailer where the top and back pop up for more space inside.. Other Other 2022
Here is another shot at night of a recent HipCamp stay at a small Vineyard.  . Other Other 2022
This is a stock Opus photo of the inside sitting area and king bed in the back.. Other Other 2022
Here is a rear picture of our Caravan on our Land Rover LR4.  This was taken at a HipCamp spot at a small winery. . Other Other 2022
Stock photo from Opus showing the rear of the trailer.  The rear tires swing down to allow the back end of the trailer to expand for king bed.. Other Other 2022
With the kitchen outside, this allows room on the inside for an actual dining table and sitting area.  This is a unique feature and set up.. Other Other 2022
Caravan has a "wet bath" on inside of the unit.  Very efficient as you can shower and take care of #2 at the same time..... Other Other 2022
There is a 12V TV inside the trailer that swings out.  The TV can be easily removed and attached outside for tailgating.. Other Other 2022
The King bed is on the back end of the trailer.  The rear of the caravan opens up to allow for a fold out real king size bed and mattress.   . Other Other 2022
There is plenty of light and power for boondocking and off-grid camping. . Other Other 2022
The Opus OP15 is perfect for setting up a basecamp and tailgating.  Everything is on the outside which makes it super accessible and more room inside.. Other Other 2022
Our trailer is completely upgraded with 3,000 watt inverter and 360amp lithium battery.  This is more than twice as capable than stock Opus trailer.. Other Other 2022
Outside camp view of the Caravan.. Other Other 2022
This is a stock Opus photo of the Caravan packed up and in travel / tow mode.. Other Other 2022
Another stock Opus photo with the kitchen set up, and draws pulled out.  The design allows for maximum room and comfort inside the trailer. . Other Other 2022
There are aftermarket underbody / rock LED lights on the trailer to help light up camp and set a cool night time vibe.. Other Other 2022
Inside of the dining room table and L shaped seating area.  There is storage under the cushions.  Table can be moved and adjusted.. Other Other 2022
Set of bunk beds is on the front end of the trailer.  The bottom bunk is bigger and can actually accommodate an adult.  . Other Other 2022
Small sink, toilet, and shower are all inside the trailer in the bathroom.. Other Other 2022
Yes, an actual King sized bed inside a pop up camper.  Very rare and unique feature of the Opus OP15.. Other Other 2022
Snapshot of our Opus and LR at a remote campsite / field.  When in travel mode, the Caravan is 15' and about same size of an SUV.. Other Other 2022
Here is our Opus Hybrid Off-Road Caravan.  When in travel mode and compact, it's 15' and makes for easy, efficient driving.  . Other Other 2022
Slide out kitchen contains sink, 4 burners, and 2 prep tables.  Small camp Keriug machine can be hooked up with inverter for coffee.  . Other Other 2022
Even if you are camping off-grid, there is enough power to watch 12volt TV outside.  If you have cell service, you can hook up phone/table to TV.. Other Other 2022