Experiencing the beautiful Arizona landscapes with the comfort of Sunrise the RV ☀️. Other Other 2022
We love the open floor plan of the sofa (turns into a bed), the kitchen, and dinette, and how inviting it is!. Other Other 2022
The kitchen has a beautiful farmhouse interior with a 3 burner stove, a small oven, a residential microwave, a beautiful sink and plenty of storage!. Other Other 2022
The large window off of the dinette is perfect for looking out the window when driving. There are 4 seatbelts at the dinette and 2 on the sofa.. Other Other 2022
The bathroom is the perfect amount of space you need.  The medicine cabinet has a lot of storage and the shower has a detachable shower head!. Other Other 2022
We love the rear view and side cameras that display on the screen in the cab!. Other Other 2022
The king size bed along with the amazing amount of storage, makes this bedroom so wonderful.  It has large drawers and a lot of room to hang clothes.. Other Other 2022
We love the view from the back bedroom to the front, where you can see the beautiful flooring, up to the nice long window above the cab bunk! . Other Other 2022
The Sofa with above storage and window.  The matching wood exterior of the fridge.  The bedroom has a nice pocket door for privacy!. Other Other 2022
View of the kitchen area with the bedroom door closed.. Other Other 2022
We love the sliding pocket door that gives privacy for the bedroom off the kitchen area! . Other Other 2022
One of our favorite features of the RV is the big space above the cab! There is a lot of storage and a TV.  Weight limit is 750lbs.. Other Other 2022
The fridge offers a great amount of space along with a large bin at the bottom.  The freezer is above the fridge.. Other Other 2022
It has a beautiful detachable showerhead and a nice sliding door!  We really like the shower rod at the top of the shower to hang suits or wet items!. Other Other 2022