"Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam...". Ford Transit 2015
Side door bug screen with zipper. Can roll out of the way when not needed.. Ford Transit 2015
Simple and efficient design.. Ford Transit 2015
Extra counter space pull out. Large storage drawer on left works as seating or step up to bed!. Ford Transit 2015
7 gallons fresh water and 5 gallons grey water jugs are easily accessible and secure. Additional 7 gallon jug stored under bed!. Ford Transit 2015
Portable butane cooktop, pot/pan, cutting board, mixing bowl, serving spoons, spatula, tongs. Ford Transit 2015
This is the thermostat for the heater. As long as you have gas in the vans fuel tank, you have heat. Simple to use, set it and forget it!. Ford Transit 2015
Bedside lights with built in USB chargers.. Ford Transit 2015
Sets up in under a minute and is spacious and sturdy! Room for all your soap/shampoo plus dry zones for towels and laundry.. Ford Transit 2015
Ford Transit 2015
Boondocking outside the Badlands. Ask us about our experiences boondocking. We love to share what we’ve learned!. Ford Transit 2015
Nothing like a hot homemade breakfast in the middle of nowhere! Collapsible table and camping chairs included.. Ford Transit 2015
Equally beautiful and durable red cedar countertop with cold water sink and under cabinet lighting.. Ford Transit 2015
You might be surprised how much you can pack in there!. Ford Transit 2015
78 liter efficient DC fridge/freezer. Never leave home without ice cream again!. Ford Transit 2015
This slick little unit is easy to use and portable. Because sometimes you want to cook in the great outdoors. Extra butane bottles provided.. Ford Transit 2015
Have bikes? I’ll raise the bed so you can store two bikes under the bed with the included RockyMounts HotRod axle mounts. Just let me know what size!. Ford Transit 2015
Room for all your gear, bikes, even a 12’ kayak. Let me know if you want to bring your bikes! RockyMounts HotRod axle mounts included. . Ford Transit 2015
Ford Transit 2015
Are you ready to getaway?. Ford Transit 2015