This is a perfect size RV for vacationing families; Not too big, and definitely not too small. The full-side slide-out, bunk beds make it a favorite!. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Upgraded kitchen complete with EVERYTHING you could possibly need - all included at no extra cost. Just bring your family, food and appetite. . Jayco Redhawk 2023
Dining table is not only comfortable, but also easily converts to kids bed at nighttime . Jayco Redhawk 2023
Rounded corners on dining table are one more example of how well designed and comfortable this RV is to travel and live in.. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Brand new Keurig coffee maker, coffee cups, and ample supply of K-cups are provided with your rental at no extra cost. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Good size refrigerator and freezer do a fantastic job of keeping everything cold, and this unit can run on either electricity or propane gas. Jayco Redhawk 2023
We provide guard rails in the bunk-beds for the young campers. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Relax, and take it easy in the beautiful, upgraded main bedroom. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Main bedroom has lots of drawer space and closet space for clothes. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Bathroom accessible from main bedroom as well as the living room/kitchen area. Jayco Redhawk 2023
An actual quote fro a customer, "This RV drives so comfortably, it's like driving your living room from your recliner chair!". Jayco Redhawk 2023
Although this is a large RV it has the latest suspension and handling features that impress everyone who drives it, making it our most popular RV.. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Cozy, comfortable sofa in main lounge easily converts to a sleeping bed at nighttime. Jayco Redhawk 2023
We include everything your family needs in the kitchen, complete with plates, silverware, napkins, bowl, cups, paper plates, etc. ALL AT NO EXTRA COST. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Jayco Redhawk 2023
Large microwave over in kitchen. Jayco Redhawk 2023
The bunk-beds are a BIG HIT with the kids - they absolutely love having their own space and their own TVs. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Two bunk-beds for the kids (or adults) with individual TVs and privacy curtains. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Mirrored wardrobe closed and cabinets in main bedroom. Jayco Redhawk 2023
After a day of driving or outdoor adventure, this ultra-comfortable bed will make your forget you are "camping"!. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Roomy shower with rounded, sliding glass doors. Jayco Redhawk 2023
Floor-plan showing full-side slide-out. Jayco Redhawk 2023