10 of the coolest campers you’ve ever seen (and actually exist)

Team OutdoorsyJuly 5, 2015

10 of the coolest campers you’ve ever seen (and actually exist)
For those with a serious case of wanderlust, nothing beats the freedom of traveling on your own terms. Just like custom cars, 18 wheelers and motorcycles, RV’s and camper vans often reflect the owner’s personality and are an extension of who they are. Can a converted school bus be completely awesome? You betcha.
And yes, you can get your mitts (just say no to unattainable prototypes and Photoshop renders) on these or build something similar, if you have the cash. Here’s the list:
Cricket Trailer
Cricket Trailer
Need something you can pull around with your small 4 cylinder vehicle? Look no further than the Cricket, a small but nimble towable that’s perfect for your next adventure. Gotta love those colors and styling, too.
Jeep fans, rejoice. If you are into the whole Overlanding to remote locations thing, check out the ActionCamper by Thaler Design. This is a cinch to install in your Jeep, and has a clearance of 6’8″ in the kitchen when the top is popped up.
Short BUS Retro (’59 Chevy Viking bus)
Short Bus Retro
The colors. The styling. The retro-ness. If this doesn’t inspire you to snag an new bus and tackle a conversion, then nothing else will. Drool over a whole gallery of exterior and interior goodness of this beauty at http://www.winkarch.com/project.php?id=65.
It’s called the EarthRoamer, which seems like a fitting name for this beast. Heck, this sucker can accommodate up to 8 intrepid souls with room to spare. 8 rich intrepid souls, that is – the XV-LTSS models range in price from $342,000 to 600,000. Better start saving now, friends.
1954 Airstream Flying Cloud
Crafted by Colorado-based Timeless Travel Trailers, the Orvis Trailer is perhaps the finest restoration of a vintage Airstream ever. The interior is just as incredible as that shiny polished exterior, too, with oak flooring, copper sheeting and leather upholstery. We’ll take two, thank you very much.
Sportsmobile Ford 4X4
Rugged and perfectly designed, this Sportsmobile can handle 4 of your buddies and gear. Time for a road trip, right?
Conqueror UEV 330
Conqueror Trailer
Oh, my. The Conqueror UEV 330 looks like it would be right at home on the battlefield, but you’ll probably be rolling somewhere a little more safe. It’s always good to be prepared, and this rig packs so much into a small towable, including a kitchen and mini bar. Yep, a mini bar.
Hank Butitta’s Craigslist Bus Conversion
Hank Bus
If you are thinking of doing a bus rebuild, you have to check out www.hankboughtabus.com. This conversion isn’t just for show – Hank and photographer Justin Evidon took this beaut on a 5,000 epic road trip. Check out Hank’s blog for the details and inspiration for your own conversion.
Outside Van
Outside Van 2
Sprinter vans are considered one of the most versatile platforms for road trip rigs, and the folks at Outside Van have their builds dialed in perfectly. Whether you are a photographer, an outdoor adventurer or someone who wants an incredible luxury ride, this is what you need.
Moby1 Teardrop
Moby1 Trailer
Rugged and feature packed, the Moby1 offers everything needed for out-in-the-boonies adventuring. You’ve got an outdoor shower, food prep area, air conditioning, a 12-volt fridge and tons more. Incredible.
Did we miss one? Got a favorite camper? Share it with us in the comments, or tell us all about it on Facebook or Twitter.

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