10 Unique Ways To Celebrate Earth Hour This Saturday

David PenningtonMarch 16, 2024

10 Unique Ways To Celebrate Earth Hour This Saturday

What time is it? Time to mark your calendar for Earth Hour.

  • When: March 23
  • Time: 8:30 p.m. your time, wherever you are

We are fully aware that most of our readers don’t need a particular day or reason to celebrate our planet. After all, we make a point to travel far and see as much of it as possible — taking in landscapes and vistas, camping away from the hassles of every day. When called upon, Outdoorsy readers are usually the first to offer up help in supporting environmental causes to preserve the places we love to visit.

For everyone else, there is Earth Hour. 

The global event started in 2007 as a way for everyone to take a moment to acknowledge the impact humans have on the planet. In the first few years of the campaign, Earth Hour was marked by an hour-long period where everyone shut off their lights and electronic devices as a way to reduce impact and raise awareness about energy consumption. Through the years, Earth Hour approached a broader focus to what they stand for with this year’s theme leading to the question: What does nature mean to you?

“Nature not only provides us with all the things we need to live — from the air we breathe to the water we drink, and from the shelter we need to the economy we rely on — but also makes our lives better. However, its growing loss puts this all under threat,” the World Wild Life Fund for Nature wrote in a press release. 

On March 23rd, take an hour out of your day and dedicate it to asking yourself the question: “What does nature mean to me?” While you ask that question, you can celebrate the hour in your own, unique way. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Walk in the grass, barefoot.

Why not celebrate Earth Hour by participating in a little bit of Earthing. While it holds a bit of pseudoscience, there are those who believe that one can improve their health by “grounding” themselves by walking barefoot against exposed earth. The idea being: you align your energy with the energy of the planet. Frankly, who doesn’t like the feeling of soft grass between their toes?

Enjoy the evening by candlelight

In every old-timey period piece, there is usually a giant candelabra full of burning flames that give a warm glow to the inside. For most of our human existence, we relied on candlelight to do everything inside, after dark. Reading, cooking, gathering with others — all done by candlelight. Maybe this is a good a time as any to remind yourself why candlelight dinners are “romantic.”

Go camping!

Sure, it’s called “Earth Hour,” but there is no hard and fast rule which says you must retain to only an hour of celebration. March 23rd is a Saturday, and the early spring month means the campgrounds are probably less busy than usual. Go ahead, ask yourself what nature means to you, while surrounded by it.

Reconnect to your sleep

Have you ever lost power to your house and realized how much noise everything makes? I’m sure 20 percent of the ambient noise in my house comes from the ice maker in my freezer. When everything shuts off, it gets eerily quiet and oddly comfortable in the house. A good a time as any to catch up on some sleep.


Can you meditate for an hour? With the right support, I bet you can do anything for an hour. With the lights off and the power out, there are few things which can distract you from the mindfulness that comes with directly experiencing the human element.

Low-light photography

When was the last time you saw the stars? If you are a city dweller, it’s probably been a while. Even a single street light can make it difficult to see the celestial heavens above us. With the reduction in light pollution that is likely to occur during Earth Hour, it can be a great chance to embrace the dark and set up for a few long exposures.

Contact your congressional representatives

You know, after your lights go back on. Use this opportunity to spread the word about Earth Hour and the numerous environmental causes and relevant legislation you care about. Share with your friends over email, text, and social media to let your representatives know exactly how you feel about the planet.

Find the local flavor

A quick search will let you know who near you is hosting special events for the occasion. All around the world, prominent landmarks are going dark or are taking on a whole new type of illumination to celebrate Earth Hour. If anything, it can be a unique experience to view your favorite architecture in a whole new light — or the total absence of it!

Candlelight yoga

What does nature mean to you? It could remind you exactly what it is to be human. The same goes for yoga. Check out the schedule of your local yoga studio to see if any are hosting special candlelight flows. It is one way to make sure you leave the studio glowing!

Make the commitment

What kind of impact can you create by going without power for an hour? How can you stretch that impact out over each day, all year? Some people develop resolutions for themselves during the new year. Earth Hour is an excellent opportunity to create a new resolution to reduce your carbon impact and increase your commitment to the natural world.

David Pennington, Outdoorsy Author

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