Christine Lindstrom
by Christine Lindstrom
Posted September 3, 2019

The popularity of teardrop trailers is on the rise. Hitching a ride on the minimalism trend and the tiny house movement, these small and lightweight campers are popping up in campgrounds around the country. Their small, aerodynamic design originated in the 1930s, but they soon faded to the background as larger, more luxurious RVs captured everyone’s attention. In recent years, their simplicity and sleek, retro look have captured the imagination of a new generation of campers.


Teardrops are the perfect compromise between traditional tent camping and “glamping” RVs that offer all the comforts of home. They are small and light enough to be towed by most cars, and their size lets campers take them to places that are off-limits for larger RVs. Most teardrop trailers offer what you need most – a bed and a kitchen – and not much more. Yet some are able to pack in a few extra features and a look amazing doing it. Check out these seven teardrops, all available for rent, that you’ll love to call home on your next vacation!

Smoky Mountain Teardrop 

Location: Wentzville, Missouri

Length: 11 feet

Sleeps:  2 adults

Amenities: Air conditioner, ceiling fan, stove, awning, TV and Blu-ray DVD player
Why it’s special: This beautiful teardrop trailer is like a little log cabin on wheels. Get all the ambiance of a cozy mountain cabin without being bound to a single location. It is bright and airy inside with decorative details to make you feel comfortable and at home. You’re sure to turn heads everywhere you go in this beautiful and versatile camper!

Sunny Day Custom Teardrop 

Location: Austin, Texas

Length: 9 feet

Sleeps: 2 adults

Amenities: Air conditioner, stove, kitchen sink, radio, generator, portable toilet with pop-up shelter, bongo drums, ukulele
Why it’s special: This unique teardrop camper is custom made with amazing attention to detail and design. Its lovely wood construction and bright, colorful decor let you explore the southwest in style. Also included are a ukulele and a set of bongo drums, perfect for a campfire sing-a-long. The Sunny Day is southern hospitality at its finest! 

El Caminante Custom Teardrop Camper 

Location: Golden, Colorado

Length: 16 feet

Sleeps: 4 adults

Amenities: Stove, oven, refrigerator, ceiling fan, awning, leveling jacks, 5-gallon water tank, solar panels and inverter, radio, audio inputs, bike rack, rooftop tent
Why it’s special: So many features in such a small space! Go anywhere without sacrificing convenience in this off-road capable teardrop packed full of amenities. With plenty of storage space and an optional rooftop tent, this trailer can comfortably accommodate four people on almost any adventure!

1945 Custom Teardrop 

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Length: 12 feet

Sleeps: 2 adults 

Amenities: Air conditioner, ceiling fan, stove, solar panel
Why it’s special: This retro-chic teardrop was originally used to fetch hot air balloon baskets after flights. It has been fully renovated to include everything you need for a comfortable stay without sacrificing its classic 1940s character. From its bright, wood-paneled interior to the taillights that extend out from the body of the trailer, you’ll fall in love with every detail of this one-of-a-kind teardrop camper. 

Camp Happy Custom Teardrop 

Location: Victoria, British Columbia

Length: 10 feet

Sleeps: 2 adults, 1 child or pet

Amenities: Stove, pump-action kitchen sink
Why it’s special: This custom-built trailer includes a small, pull-out bunk to provide an extra bunk for a small child or a pet. The kitchen area can be accessed from inside, allowing for cozy breakfast in bed on those chilly Canadian mornings. The owner offers a variety of extra services to make a stay in this teardrop even more comfortable. 

Toy Hauler Teardrop

Location: Nevada City, California

Length: 17 feet 

Sleeps: 2 adults

Amenities: Stove, kitchen sink, 7-gallon water tank
Why it’s special: Combine the convenience of a teardrop camper with the utility of a toy hauler! This trailer is small and light enough to be towed by most vehicles while still providing a 5×6-foot cargo area for dirt bikes, ATVs, or whatever gear is needed for your next adventure.  

Escapod TOPO Off-Road Teardrop (2019)

Location: Coalville, Utah

Length: 13 feet

Sleeps: 2 adults

Amenities: Dining table, stove, awning, ceiling fan, leveling jacks, outside shower, solar panel, 21-gallon water tank, optional rooftop tent
Why it’s special: Off-road, off-grid, or off-season? No problem with the Escapod TOPO. This teardrop’s suspension can handle off-road terrain, and with a 21-gallon water tank and a solar panel, you can go off-grid to explore amazing places in Utah and beyond. The Escapod TOPO is also well-insulated to keep you warm and cozy even in cold weather. An optional rooftop tent adds sleeping space for friends or family to join your adventure. 


A teardrop camper is a great way to get close to nature without sacrificing comfort! Rent these or other great teardrops around the country through Outdoorsy and let the adventure begin!

Christine Lindstrom


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