How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV?

Katie DuncanOctober 30, 2022

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV?

If you’re thinking about planning an RV trip, the cost of your adventure is likely one of the first questions that will come to mind. The beauty of this form of recreation is that it can be as grand or as bare as you want! If you want to treat yourself, you can rent a rig with all the bells and whistles and stay at a luxury resort. If you prefer to travel on a tighter budget and want to be one with nature, there are rentals available with just the essentials. 

But if you’re looking for a place to start, we’ve compiled a guide to RV rental costs. We’ve even included some info on other expenses you should keep in mind when building your trip budget. 

Let’s get to it!

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV?

Finding a good deal on an RV rental is easier than ever with peer-to-peer platforms like Outdoorsy. Having so many options means finding the perfect RV for your trip and your budget. 

RV rental prices will depend on a variety of factors, the two most important being the type and age of the RV. For example, you can expect to pay a lot more per night for a large 2019 Class A motorhome than you would for a 2010 teardrop camper. Location, rental company, and rental size also all play a role in prices.

Here are the average nightly prices for each type of RV listed on Outdoorsy:

RV Type

Average Rental Price (Per Night)

Class A Motorhome

$175 to $275 

Class B Motorhome

$100 to $200

Class C Motorhome

$150 to $200

Toy Hauler

$100 to $200

Fifth Wheel 

$60 to $150

Travel Trailer 

$50 to $125

Pop-up Camper

$50 to $100

RVs For Rent Near You

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Other RV Road Trip Expenses

While it’ll make up the bulk of the price tag, your RV rental cost isn’t the only expense you’ll have to consider for your trip! Don’t forget to factor in these other things, which add up if you aren’t expecting them. 

RV Campsite Rates & Fees

While you won’t need to be paying for a hotel room, thanks to your RV, don’t overlook the cost of where you’ll be parking your rig. Research ahead of time to find the RV park that fits your budget at your destination because prices can vary greatly. You can expect to pay $100+ per night at some RV resorts, while other, more low-key campgrounds may charge $30 per night. 

Don’t forget to consider any additional fees for things like extra cars, additional people, and amenities that aren’t included in the base price.

Park & Attraction Entrance Fees

On top of the camping site fee, you may have to pay for a daily admission fee if you’re camping somewhere like a state park. If you’re staying in an RV park and traveling to attractions during the day, you’ll want to factor in these costs as well. 

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Fuel and Mileage Fees

Fueling up a motorhome isn’t like filling up a sedan. Some Class A motorhomes can hold around 150 gallons of fuel. That means spending hundreds of dollars each time you fill up, even if gas is cheap. Even if you’re pulling a trailer, the extra weight and drag will worsen your truck or SUV’s fuel economy. Expect to fill up more frequently than you normally would.

While many RV rentals have no mileage restrictions, you may come across some that charge an additional mileage fee if you go above a certain number of miles per day. Typically this ranges from $.25 to $.75 per mile over the allotted amount. 

Cleaning Fees

Some renters charge cleaning fees if the rig isn’t in tip-top shape when you return it. Always be sure to clean the RV you rent thoroughly and leave it in great shape for the next person.

Rental Insurance

When you rent with Outdoorsy, you’ll automatically get insurance protection. However, there are additional policies you can purchase for added peace of mind.


There are only two things certain when RVing: fun and taxes. You’ll pay taxes based on the state that you’re renting the RV in, even if you live in a different state. 

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How to Save When RV Camping

Looking to travel on an ultra-lite budget? Check out these helpful tips for cutting costs while RVing. 

  • Try boondocking. Did you know you can camp for free across thousands of locations in the United States? Don’t expect any hookups for water or electricity, but you can experience some of the most stunning camping views when boondocking. 
  • Pick the right time. Peak travel season means more crowds and higher prices. Visit your destination during off-season or shoulder season, where you can enjoy much of the same weather and beauty without additional costs. 
  • Check out memberships. If you find yourself on the road frequently, check out organizations like Allstays, Harvest Hosts, or Passport America. Membership often comes with discounts on select campgrounds. If you camp enough, savings may outweigh any membership fees.
  • Bring your own food. If you’ve got a kitchen, use it! Buying groceries and cooking meals at camp will save money you’d otherwise spend eating out. 
  • Shop around for gas. A few cents here and there really start to add up, especially when you’re driving a big rig. When it’s time to fuel up, don’t pull over at the first gas station you see (unless you’re dangerously close to empty, of course). Check Google Maps or apps like GasBuddy to compare prices.

By just trying out a few of these tips, you can save hundreds of dollars. That’s more in your pocket for your next trip!

Hit the Road

Renting an RV can be as affordable or luxurious as you want. With peer-to-peer rental platforms like Outdoorsy, you can find rentals that fit your budget and give you all the amenities you’re looking for. Search for your dream RV rental today!

RVs For Rent Near You

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