Holiday Decorations for Your RV Rental

Lisa BrownNovember 15, 2023

Holiday Decorations for Your RV Rental

Your vacation request has been approved to go RV camping with your family for the upcoming holiday. You made your reservation to rent an RV through Outdoorsy and finally scored that perfect campsite. You’ve waited all year to get some quality family time, but you somehow missed one very teensy weensy thing…

“How is Santa going to find my family?”

We all know Santa loves festive decorations and is lured to lots of holiday lights. But, Santa needs a tree to put the toys under and he certainly needs to be able to find your RV from way up in the sky! In other words, you’re going to need some holiday decorations for this special time of year.

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Whether you’re traveling for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another winter holiday, here is an easy and affordable shopping list of holiday decorations to spiff up your RV rental and get it ready for the festivities. So, put on your jacket, hat, and mittens and don’t forget this list…


You don’t have to spend a boatload on holiday lighting these days. A simple string of lights will do. Or, if you don’t want to mess with tangled cords and burned-out lightbulbs, you can buy a single laser spotlight that projects either holiday shapes or sparkles onto the exterior of your RV rental. Know what’s even cooler? Point those spotlights up into a tree to make it sparkle!

If you’re thinking about boondocking in the middle of the desert or woods without power, you can even get solar powered lights to brighten up your stay. 


Not only will you need some outdoor lights, but wouldn’t it be awesome to string lights inside the RV or camper? You don’t even need electricity to be able to sparkle and twinkle with the huge variety of battery-operated candles, light strings, window lights, and fairy lights available. Your RV rental owner will surely love you if you opt for battery-operated lights, so don’t forget to bring batteries!

Christmas lights in a tent


Make Santa feel welcome with a cool mat. Get a fun-themed one for less than ten bucks at a big box, craft, or home improvement store. Show all who you welcome through your door your festive spirit. Also, they are just the ticket to wipe those feet before entering your RV rental.


During the holidays, nothing says “welcome” louder than a beautiful wreath or big red bow on the door. If you’re pinched for time, you can purchase a premade wreath for less than $20 at the store. But, if you have crafty fingers, you can purchase all of your wreath making supplies at your local craft store and recruit the kids to help you put it together at the campground.

Regarding bows, you can make your own custom bow out of festive holiday wired ribbon or buy pre-mades. Learn how to make a custom bow for your wreath.

Ornaments on a tree


Your tree doesn’t have to be big for Santa to put gifts under it. In today’s market, miniature Christmas trees and decorations are quite popular and not very expensive. You can use it for years to come. There’s an array of themes, color schemes, and goodies to trim your tree with. Take a jaunt over to your hobby and craft stores and I promise you they won’t disappoint when it comes to shiny things. Oh, and don’t forget a handsome tree skirt to complete the package!


Start with a travel-sized menorah and candles as your centerpiece (try one of these battery-powered options), then go wild with banners, dreidel games, gold-wrapped chocolate coins, removable window stickers, and more blue and white decor. You can collect all of these at your local dollar or big-box store to keep costs low. 

Hanukkah cookies


If you’re celebrating Kwanzaa on the road, don’t forget to pack the kinara and seven candles. Get the kids involved in making crafts based on the seven principles of Kwanzaa and the traditional flag—like wreaths, paper chains, ornaments, posters, and garlands and banners. Level up by decorating with ears of dried corn and other traditional African crops.


Let’s not forget the tablecloth, placemats, festive plates, cups, and napkins! At your local dollar stores, you can get holiday-themed party ware for your holiday meals and entertaining. Even if you don’t get themed plates and napkins, you can color-coordinate red and greens for Christmas, blues and whites for Hanukkah, black, green, and red for Kwanzaa, and everything in between for your New Year’s celebration.

So, there’s your shopping list! By adding these simple but joyful decorations to your vacation, you’ll be the most festive RV on the block.

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