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by Team Outdoorsy
Posted June 30, 2022

Fun comes in many forms when families embark on an RV rental adventure. School is out and the summer season is upon us. Keep the kids entertained near the campsite this summer; pack up the board games, books, and bubbles, sneak in some schoolwork, and hit the highways. 

Confined creativity

During a typical RV rental trip, family-friendly campground facilities offer hours of entertainment. However, the campsite offers endless opportunities for children to keep themselves entertained.

Pop out the slides, flip up the awning, and embrace the limited space. Staring contests can commence, or better yet, the card games. Uno and Go Fish for the young ones, or maybe an Old Maid showdown. When the cards have run their course, hit the table games. Got Checkers? Bring it. Jenga? Stack it up. Big kids (or little ones with scheming minds) can head outside, throw down a blanket, set up Monopoly, and strategize in the sun.

Lug some Legos along, and the crew can construct camping scenes and creatures they’ve seen. Pack some stuffed animals for picnic table puppet shows and cushy companionship for campfire stories. And when storm clouds roll in, batten down the hatches (or just close the door) and bust out the books. Raindrops and steely skies? That’s some top-tier imagination fuel right there. 

Kids playing outside

Keep it simple

Outdoor game faves like bean bags and ladder ball can provide hours (minutes in kid time) of entertainment. If you don’t have the supplies along for the ride, improvise. Buckets and cups replace the board, and knotted towels make semi-adequate bean bag substitutes. Stable stick structures and bungee cords combine to create a legit ladder ball alternative. 

With each meal comes opportunities for some fabulous campfire food fusions. Kids can collaborate to come up with pudgy pie combos or cast iron skillet scrambles, and of course, sample s’ mores — seriously, just one. Fine, two. But that’s all.

Dig into some campsite science with worm hunting and catch-and-release bug studies. Nets, shovels, and jars (don’t forget the air holes) can pave the way for morning captures, lunchtime observations, and after-supper releases… and with the setting sun, you’ll be just in time for firefly fun. 

Just because the schools are closed doesn’t mean the sandbox has to be. Beach-bumming might be off the table, but you’ve still got options. Pack a shallow tote with some sand, a second tote for water, some beach toys, and, boom! Simulated shoreline just outside the camper door.

Virtually tour the world 

When all else fails, hit the internet. Home to information and experiences galore, kids can learn about the bears of the Black Hills, watch the geysers of Yellowstone, and tour the Statue of Liberty. Cover thousands of miles in minutes while exploring the world from the comfort of a rental RV. 

Find out about fish during a virtual aquarium tour or trudge along the Oregon Trail. Transport to space and see the surface of Mars and delve into the depths of the Mariana Trench. And when all the web-based trips and tours are through, go ahead. Fire up the cartoons. 

Embrace the space on your RV trip this summer, and allow the campground to be your kids’ biggest playground!

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