Mobile RV repair services — Find help on the go

Lizzie DragonMarch 27, 2023

Mobile RV repair services — Find help on the go

Gone are the days where you have to drive or tow your RV to the shop for repairs. Now, mobile RV repair services will come to you! So, if you find yourself in need of a repair at home or on the road, there’s a mobile RV mechanic who will meet you there. 

And if you want to save a bit too, chat with the mechanic about buying the parts on your own before he or she arrives.

How do mobile RV repair services work? 

It’s easy. You call; they come! The RV technician will meet you where you are, whether that be your home, campground, or side of the road. Mobile RV repair services are convenient and, in some instances, can be less expensive than it would be to tow your RV to the shop. As opposed to taking your RV into a shop and leaving it there for a few days, your RV will be repaired right then and there. 

Types of mobile RV repair services

Calling for mobile RV repair services? You’ve got three options: 

  1. RV Dealers or Repair Shops 
  2. Mobile RV Repair Service Specialists
  3. General Mobile RV Repair/Installation Technicians 

Unfortunately, there is no one-stop shop for all your RV repair needs, but let’s dig further into your options. 

RV repair shop or dealer 

Some RV repair shops and RV dealers will make house calls when you find yourself in a bind. This is usually on an emergency-only basis, meaning you can’t move your RV, or it wouldn’t be safe to do so. Getting someone to come out on a house call at a moment’s notice can be expensive. You can expect to be charged the shop’s standard hourly rate starting when the technician leaves the shop, along with a premium for mileage. 

The costs add up, so we recommend avoiding this option if you can. If you find yourself in a jam, check with your insurer or roadside assistance provider first to check if you have any coverage that would apply. 

RV repair specialist

Some technicians specialize in specific RV repair services. 

Specialized RV repair services may include: 

Flat tire repair

Windshield replacement

Electrical fixes

Oil changes 

Filter changes

-Carpet replacement 

RV detailing

Tank cleaning

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Typically these specialized services will be charged per job and are done by individuals working for themselves. Specializing in specific repair jobs means having a more niche customer base. 

For RV owners, this means two things: 

  1. Technicians will be more willing to meet you where you are. 
  2. You’ll be paying a decent amount for the specialized service. 

General mobile RV repair technician

Technicians working strictly mobile, running their business on the road, can complete almost any RV repair. That said, they are the best ones to call if you’re looking for mobile repair services. However, if they have to travel outside of their geographic area, you may be charged a fee for travel time and mileage. 

Because these technicians work from the road, they may not have all the parts you need for the repair in their truck. This means you may have to order parts online or pick them up from a shop in the area. Before they head out for the repair, the technician can tell you what parts you need to order and where you can get them. In some cases, they may be able to offer you a discount if you order through them.  

How to find mobile RV repair services

Find RV repair services by: 

  1. Searching the web 
  2. Calling an RV dealer, shop, or parts store
  3. Asking the campground or your neighbors

Search the web

In a pinch, a simple search will do. Type something like “mobile RV repair services near me” or “RV mechanic near me,” and you should find various RV repair providers in your area. Yelp is also a helpful resource to find helpful reviews of RV repair shops in your area. 

Call the shop

On your internet search, you may come across local shops or dealers that do not specify whether or not they provide RV repair services or not. Give these locals a call. Even if they don’t provide those services, they may have some recommendations. Even local RV parts stores can recommend mobile mechanics they may have sold to. 

Ask the campground 

The campground employees see RV repairs happen all the time, so they probably have a few recommendations. Head to the campground office, or even just have a chat with your campground neighbors!

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Is mobile RV repair the service for you? 

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide. 

Pros of mobile RV repair

  • Convenience —The mechanic comes to you, so no driving or towing your rig to the shop! 
  • Saving Time — The repair is done right at your home or campground. You don’t have to take off work or spend the time to drop it off and pick it up from the shop.
  • Control You know you are getting what you’re paying for, as the repair tech will be focused on your rig and your rig only, and you can see what they are working on.

Cons of mobile RV repair

  • Cost — Mileage and travel time charges, along with the price of specialized services, can add up.
  • Campground Restrictions Some campgrounds may not allow RV repairs onsite. 
  • Finding a Mobile Tech Depending on your area, it may be challenging to locate a RV repair technician near you. 

Need help on the go? 

Don’t let repairs ruin your RV road trip. Let the RV repair shop come to you. When you find yourself with RV troubles on the road or looking for a convenient fix at home, call your mobile RV mechanic! 

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