Christine Lindstrom
by Christine Lindstrom
Posted April 10, 2019

Moms can be hard to shop for. They devote so much of their energy to taking care of their families that they rarely take much time to think about things they want for themselves. It’s exactly this selfless devotion that we celebrate on Mother’s Day (May 12, 2019) — often with a gift to encourage them to take time for something they really enjoy.

This year, go the extra mile for the one who always goes the distance for you with an RV trip

If the special mom in your life loves camping and RVing, here are some ideas for gifts that celebrate that passion and add a little extra luxury to camp life.

Lucky Bums Moon Chair.

Campground comfort

Make sure Mom has the best seat in the house — or out of the house. She’ll happily curl up by the fire with a good book in this Lucky Bums moon chair. It folds up small and comes with a case so it can be easily carried to whatever quiet, beautiful spot Mom likes to relax.

Coffee Percolator

Brew a perfect cup

They say everything tastes better cooked over a campfire. The perfect start to a great day is listening to the campfire crackle and watching your coffee percolate in this cheerful red percolator from GSI Outdoors.

Why not combine it with a beautiful enameled steel mug from United by Blue? Inspirational and functional, these mugs are also campfire safe. Even on a camping trip, moms might just find themselves needing to reheat that cup at least once.

Camp hair don’t care T-shirt.

Camp in style

Clever T-shirts are the height of mom fashion these days (paired with yoga pants, of course!). Let Mom declare her love of camping anywhere, from the campground to the playground, in the school pickup line, and on her Target run. Bonus: order one of these great styles from Etsy and support a mompreneur this Mother’s Day while you’re at it!

Camp hair, Don’t care? Sounds about right.

It’s no secret she’s a Happy Camper!

Happy Camper T-shirt.

Welcoming decor

Help Mom make the camper and her campsite more welcoming for your family and other campers with a wall sticker, camper decal, or campsite sign.

She might like these stickers from Wall Decor Plus More:

Or perhaps a personalized sign to post in your campsite, such as this one from Etsy:

Travel Tracking Art

Mom will happily display a record of the family’s travels with this beautiful silver map of the United States. Scratch off the states you have visited to reveal a beautiful watercolor painting underneath. This Etsy artist has many different designs available, but for the camping enthusiast, we recommend this one with special scratch offs for all of the national parks.

Campfire on demand

What is camping without a campfire? Yet in many campgrounds, wood fires are not permitted. Even if they are, there are some evenings when gathering or buying firewood, lighting a fire, and making sure it is properly extinguished at the end of the night just feels like too much effort. Propane fire pits, like this Outland Firebowl, connect easily to your RV’s propane tanks and can be switched on and off in minutes for a cozy campfire without smoke, ash, or mess. Even those who love wood campfires can appreciate the simplicity and convenience of a propane fire pit.

Bug-free beauty

Nothing spoils a pleasant summer evening faster than mosquitoes! Avoid the buzzing and itching without hiding indoors with these decorative and effective mosquito-repellent lanterns from Thermacell. With cozy, flickering LED ambient light and a 15-foot zone of protection without strong scents, you might never want to go back inside!

Clean and comfortable

Campground showers might not always be pretty. With this wooden shower deck, Mom brings her own “floor” and won’t need to shower with flip-flops or risk slipping on wet floors. When folded and latched shut, the deck becomes a convenient shower caddy to carry toiletry items to and from the bathhouse.

Another handy gift to improve shower time at the campground is the Showerline Shower Caddy. Mom can fill the travel-sized bottles with her favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body wash then hang them from the shower head or curtain rod to keep them accessible and off the floor. There’s even an extra hook to hang a scrub sponge or washcloth.

All charged up and everywhere to go

Keep Mom powered up wherever she roams with this portable solar charger from Stealth Angel. Charge the battery while hiking, camping, or taking a nap in the sunshine, then use it whenever it is needed to charge up to two devices simultaneously. It folds up to the size of a cell phone when not unfolded to charge, and it’s sturdily built for use outdoors. It even has a built in flashlight. Help Mom relax while camping with unlimited ebook reading, podcast listening, or playing her favorite game. Be prepared for her to post plenty of camping pictures on Instagram. 

In vino veritas

After the kids are in bed, give Mom the gift of sipping a glass of wine in the cool fresh air under a starry sky. But glass and camping can be a disastrous combination. A stainless steel wine tumbler is unbreakable, durable, and won’t change the flavor of the wine like plastic or silicon can. It also helps maintain temperature for optimal enjoyment. A lid isn’t a bad idea in the outdoors either. Try one with a fun mom saying, or personalize it with her name or monogram. You get a beautiful gift and support an Etsy artist and fellow mom at the same time!

This Mother’s Day, plan a weekend of camping for your favorite RV Mama, and give her a gift that celebrates and enriches her love of the outdoors! 

Christine Lindstrom


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