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Team Outdoorsy
by Team Outdoorsy
Posted January 17, 2016

It’s Tuesday again, and you are sitting at your desk with a pile of work staring at you. But instead of doing it, you are staring longingly at the Airstream website dreaming of a life on the road in a RV.

Of course all that work won’t do itself, but you need just ten more minutes of reading travel blogs and imagining yourself flying down a desolate two-lane highway though the arid desert, wind in your hair, Fido by your side and your trusty mountain bike strapped to the back of your rig. Long nights spent sipping a dark beer and watching the Milky Way melt through the inky sky. Even longer days flowing across the desert on slick rock trails. Fly fishing a cold mountain creek. A long walk in the woods. A night spent curled up in the camper watching the forest through the window.

But then reality hits… RVs cost tens of thousands of dollars, and you’ve never even been in one, least of all spent enough time in one to commit to such a huge purchase.

That’s where Outdoorsy comes in. With Outdoorsy, you can rent RVs directly from local owners, learn about and try all kinds of different rigs, all while getting outside and enjoying the open road without having to buy an RV. Renting from Outdoorsy is easy, and this post will tell you exactly how to do it.

1. Pick out your rig:

Seriously, this is the best part. Just enter the location you want to leave from and the dates you want to spend on the road, and then start picking out your favorite rig. I have to confess that I am borderline obsessed with vehicles that let you live on the road, so I can spend all day looking at all the fun and unique rigs out there, but the question is what’s right for you. This will depend on a lot of factors, such as where you are going, how many people you will have with you, and what type of activities you plan on getting into. Outdoorsy owners have everything from Airstreams to toy haulers (those are the ones where the back opens up so you can drive your dirt bikes or four wheeler’s into them), fifth wheels, cool looking rigs like VW vans and capable overland machines such as Sportsmobiles. They also won’t be covered in cheesy rental company stickers so you can blend in with the experienced crew.

One good place to start understanding what rig is right for you is by reading this article about the different types of RV’s out there.

2. Message the owner to rent it:

Once you find the rig of your dreams, you can book it! If you have a few questions before committing to a particular RV you can always message the owner and communicate directly with them. Many of the RV owners on the site love to help and offer you trip itinerary planning suggestions as well as offer add-ons. What are add-ons you ask? This can range from a home kit of sheets and towels to a fully stocked kitchen. These kinds of options can allow you to travel light and have a stocked rig waiting for you. Some owners even offer to rent skis, kayaks, or load down the refrigerator with frosty cnew adult beverages, to help ease you into the rhythm of life on the road. Take this 4X4 Sportsmobile that is completely outfitted for extended off road adventures. Plus, the owner offers trip itineraries if you need a little guidance. A stocked beverage cooler comes with a 1 week or more rental.

That’s pretty cool.

3. Secure your insurance:

This is one of those topics that sounds like it’s gonna be unpleasant. You want to worry about all the fun meals you are going to cook on the road and what awesome places you can camp for the night, not insurance. Still, part of living on the road is hoping for the best and planning for the worst. That’s why you can purchase your insurance directly through This industry-first $1M insurance policy insurance covers international travel & tow vehicles

4. Plan your adventure:

OK…. Your sweet new rig is booked. The date for pick up is set and you are counting down the hours till the awesomeness of your adventure begins. I love to just wing it and see where I end up, but it’s also a good idea to get a few odds and ends together before setting off. Take a look at the map and get a feel for what roads you want travel, and what campsites might be along the way. Start packing a bag, but travel light. one of the great things about living on the road is how freeing it is, and you don’t want a bunch of stuff cluttering up your traveling home. Give some thought to what kind of traveler you are. Do want your plans set in stone every day, or do you want to keep it loose and see where inspiration brings you.

Here are some links to help you find RV parks, discover campgrounds, and book unique travel opportunities:

5. Pick up your new home:

When you book directly from an RV owner on Outdoorsy, you will message back and forth to agree on the designated place and time meet up with the owner of your new home on the road and get the run down on the new rig. All RVs are different, and nobody, no matter how experienced, could be expected to know the ins and outs of every RV our there. That’s why the owner will go through a checklist of everything you need to know. This will go right down the list from how to safely steer down the highway, to how to turn the shower on. Lots of folks I meet along the way are intimidated by the day-to-day aspects of RVing. It’s the little things, like how to fill the water or use the heater that have them spooked, and this walk through will get you dialed in and ready to drive.

6. Hit the road and travel:

This is the part that I can’t tell you how to do. There are so many people out there, and so many amazing and unique ways to explore. All I can say is take a deep breath, look up, and let it all go. Then get out there and find out what way of traveling down the road the speaks to you, the one the reaches back and reminds you why you wanted to get out on the road to begin with and let’s you know that the world is place that was meant to be explored.

Well there it is folks, a step-by-step process to take a dream and turn it into reality. Sometimes the hardest step to take is the first one, but it’s always the most important.

Learn more at and get out on the road. Make your next trip a road trip!

– Jason Striker owned and lived in his first Volkswagen Bus as a teenager, instilling a deep love of travel and a home on wheels. It’s no wonder several campers and decades later he finally calls the road Home full-time. He currently wanders from mountain summit to sea level while pickin his mandolin. He travels in a Toyota Tacoma and tiny travel trailer, in search of any new experience that involves strapping a board to his feet. If he didn’t live in it full time, you might be able to rent this sweet rig on To find out more about his daily adventures visit


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