Pet Road Trips Are the Best Thing Ever

Team OutdoorsyJuly 3, 2015

Pet Road Trips Are the Best Thing Ever

If you are a dog owner then you know the best thing about road travel is that you don’t have to leave your best bud behind. That’s our Lucy in the photo below. We took her on her first big road adventure this past spring and, needless to say, she made her way into nearly every photo we took.

Pet Road Trip | Outdoorsy RV Rentals Marketplace
Lucy loving the views on the road.

Lucy aside, here are some of our very favorite road dogs. Maddie! She’s a Coonhound and her owner just happens to be a photographer. They took an epic road trip and documented their adventures along the way.

Coonhound Pose | Outdoorsy RV Rentals Marketplace
Maddie the Coonhound striking a pose.

Image by Theron Humphrey via Mashable

Dog Piggyback Ride on Pier | Outdoorsy RV Rentals Marketplace

We also found one of the sweetest stories of a canine-accompanied road trip. Meet Poh … his owner planned the entire road trip across the US on his behalf and documented all their stops.

If you do take your pup with you on your travels, be sure to take lots of pics. We want to see them! And check out this helpful list of tips for traveling with pets.

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