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by Sigfried Trent
Posted August 7, 2019

Home is where the heart is, and your RV is a second home. For those who full time, it is our only home. Your RV can even feel like a traveling companion that takes you places, sees you through challenges and keeps you safe. We can develop a genuine emotional attachment to our RVs, making it hard to say goodbye. Whether you are entrusting your RV to a stranger as a rental or selling it for good, it often comes with mixed feelings.

A sellers attachment

It is entirely natural for us to grow emotionally attached to items we find useful and valuable to us. It can be a source of joy, but it can be difficult to let go when it’s time to move on. We don’t get to decide what our feelings are, but we can mitigate them with positive thoughts to change our perspective. The central theme is to consider what you are gaining rather than what you are loosing.

Say thanks

It may seem strange, but it can be very comforting to say “thanks” for all your RV has done for you. Our attachments spring from our instinctive social bonds built on mutual feelings. While your RV doesn’t have any feelings of its own, saying “Thanks for all the good times,” can help bring closure to your connection. It also reminds you of all you have gained from owning your RV. Rather than losing it, you refocusing on all the benefits you have received. You have learned so much already; there is no need for more.

Focus on what comes next

You probably have a good reason for selling your RV. Whatever it may be, focus on what that goal means to you and your life. Consider the important benefits you will gain. What will you do with the money you receive? What is your next big adventure in life? I see life as having seasons, and in each, you have a focus. Time is too short to do all things all the time. You must make choices and embrace the changes those choices bring.

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Imagine your RV’s happy adventures

Our attachments to things mimic our attachments to people. You might worry about what happens to your RV down the road. It’s silly, but you can’t always reason with emotion. A good way to counter this is to imagine happy adventures your RV is having with a new family. Think of all the fun that family is having and how they are taking good care of the RV. They are thankful for the opportunity you have given them, and you are moving on to your own grand adventures; everyone wins.

Outdoorsy is there for you

Perhaps you need the money for some new business venture. Perhaps you are moving, and the new place doesn’t have room to park an RV. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors in the comfort of a great RV. Outdoorsy was created so that people could enjoy the outdoor adventure lifestyle even if owning your own RV doesn’t make sense. Check out all the great RVs in your area.

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A renter’s worries

Renting out your RV can be a scary idea. You are handing your beloved RV over to a relative stranger. If you are like most of us, all kinds of doomsday scenarios will pop into your mind, especially the first few times you rent. You want to rent your RV so you can make some money from it when you aren’t traveling, not so you can develop an ulcer from worry. Here are some ways to help you stay calm and confident.

Outdoorsy has you covered

When you rent your RV through Outdoorsy, you are covered by their comprehensive collision insurance. Should the worst come to pass, you are covered up to $750,000 for the repair or replacement of your RV. Beyond that, the Outdoorsy staff cares about your property and will go to some pretty extreme lengths to return it to you should the renter fail to do so for any reason.

You must study and understand the terms of your insurance so that you can make a claim when needed. Document the condition of your RV and make sure you have had all the inspections Outdoorsy requires. You do your part to ensure your RV, and they will do theirs. Taking actions like these to protect your RV will help you be more confident.

Set a reasonable security deposit

Security deposits are there to help ensure that if your renters accidentally damage your RV, you can cover the costs of having the damage fixed. You can also use the deposit to cover insurance deductibles or to clean the RV. Be sure to document the interior condition of your RV before the rental so that if there are any disputes, you have hard evidence the damage occurred during the rental.

Provide good information to renters

Make sure your renters understand the essentials for operating your RV so that they and your RV stay safe. It’s good to both provide verbal instructions at the time of the rental, and written instructions inside the RV. Include your contact information so that if they have questions, you can steer them to the right answers. By taking the time to walk them through your RV, you will both ensure they are informed and get to know your renters a little. Both will make you feel better about entrusting your RV into their care.

Think about the money

Always keep in mind why you are renting your RV, to earn an income. Think about all the things you can do with the money you are receiving and the opportunities it will provide. Reflect that you are maximizing the value of your property. And of course, you are giving someone with the chance to have a great adventure of their own.


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