Suzie Dundas
by Suzie Dundas
Posted August 30, 2019

If you’re a first-time RV owner or just thinking about buying one down the road, doing renovations can feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, you don’t need an engineering degree to make changes to your interior that will both make it popular on Outdoorsy and allow you to charge a bit more per night. While hardware, furniture, and paneling can make a big difference, so too can smaller changes like new curtains and fabrics take an interior from “average” to “Pinterest-worthy.” Forget “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” – if you’re looking for some serious design inspiration, look no further than these ten dream interiors, sourced from across the U.S. 


Location: Vail, CO

Type: Campervan


Price: $250

If you’re dreaming of creating a cabin in the forest – only on wheels – look no further than “Blue, a Mercedes Sprinter van from Aspen Custom Vans. By adding wood paneling throughout the interior and wood cabinetry, it has all the feelings of a log cabin with the freedom to choose a new destination every night. We especially like the wooden “butcher block”-style counter with the flat-top range. It’s also a good example of a classic bed-to-table conversion; search YouTube for “bed-to-table van how-to” and you’ll find plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials if you decide to take on your own project.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Pop-up van (Westie)

Sleeps: 4

Price: $169

If you love the vintage surf culture associated with 1970’s VW Westfalias, you’ll love this rental available in the home of surf culture: SoCal, maaaan. If you’re looking for true ‘70s inspiration, take note of this camper’s shag pillows, woven blankets, and green plaid seat covers that looks like they’re straight of That 70’s Show. Combine that with the neon green exterior, and you’ll see why this Westie is what Instagram road trip dreams are made of. 


Location: Denver
Type: Truck Camper
Sleeps: 4
Price: $156/night

This camper ( scores points for the insider and the outside, which is covered in trendy (and unique) wood paneling. But it’s the inside that charms, with a lofted bed and white painted wood that feels almost more like a lofted cabin than a home on wheels. It also includes a roomy couch and is easy to drive at just 24 feet long. If you’re looking for an easy way to make a lofted bed feel less cramped, consider a small half-moon window to add extra light and the illusion of more space.


Location: Roseville, CA (outside San Francisco)


Type: Type-A RV
Sleeps: 6

Price: $290/night

If you’ve ever dreamed about sneaking onto your favorite band’s tour bus, do one better and create an RV  that looks posh enough to host even the biggest festival headliners as they tour the country. We love the kitchen on this roomy rental, which includes a double sink, decorative backsplash tiling, and Keurig coffee maker complete with a spinning K-cup pod holder. With carved wood detailing and higher-end leather accents, it’s like your kitchen at home, only better. 


Location: Reno, NV

Type: Campervan

Sleeps: 3

Price: $188/night

“Gus” might not score tons of points when it comes to color-schemes, but its interior layout is genius when it comes to hauling toys. This van has a raised back bed that allows you to carry your choice of outdoor items without the need for a rack or trailer. You can fit kayaks, multiple sets of skis and snowboards on the built-in racks, or up to four mountain bikes (and there’s even a bike mount/rack on the inside of the door for on-the-road maintenance.) If getting your gear to your preferred off-the-grid outdoor destination is a priority, consider lofting some of the living space to make it easy for your renters to carry larger outdoor gear.  


6: Location: Austin, TX

Type: Pop-up

Sleeps: 6+

Price: $90

If you thought pop-up vans were all canvas walls and off-white plastic, think again. This pop-up trailer, affectionately known as Fleetwood Mac, is one of the most colorful trailers we’ve ever seen. If your trailer or van is looking a little washed out, consider some colorful patterns and fabrics like the ones used in this model. Contrasting color curtains and bedding make this cute little rental feel even more lively, though you could easily stick to one color scheme and mix in a variety of patterns if you’d like a similar but slightly more uniform look.


Location: Portland, OR 

Type: Airstream trailer 

Sleeps: 3

Price: $200

Airstreams may have debuted back in the 1930s, but this stunning trailer has an all-modern look. If your style is best described by clean lines and modern decor elements, you’ll love stepping into this Instagram-worthy interior. The all-white design is accented with metallic elements; blue accents and a few green plants add a touch of color. This rental shows that even a small space can look bright and roomy with the correct color scheme in place. 


Location: Huntersville, NC 

Type: Trailer

Sleeps: 9

Price: $100

If you’re looking for a way to maximize space in your rental, take a cue from this modern camper, which can sleep nine adults through a combination of beds on either end and convertible, padded platforms that pull out over tables and counter space. This trailer can sleep more people than many houses, which makes it actually cost less per person than many other similarly sized RVs on Outdoorsy. If you’re an owner looking for ways to make your rental more in-demand, adding extra sleeping can help make it more both more affordable per person and decrease your competition on Outdoorsy, since most rentals tend to max out around four or six people.

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Type: Airstream Trailer

Sleeps: 4

Price: $249

Renters who are less into camping and more into glamping will appreciate the design of this vintage airstream in Southern California, which has more style than most New York apartments. It’s quite modern and roomy feeling thanks to a light color scheme, delicate custom details (like custom tiling around the shower,) and frosted glass accents. Though it may seem quite airy, it actually offers a significant amount of storage space; take note of the storages boxes under the couch and bed in addition to built-in cabinetry added above the kitchen and bathroom sinks. 


Location: Austin, TX

Type: Tiny House

Sleeps: 2

Price: $79

Our last piece of design inspiration may break the rules a bit since it’s not technically driveable. But it is a tiny house, which makes it smaller than many of the rentals available on Outdoorsy. The same design principles used in this fun and compact space can apply in an RV or camper van. We love the distressed wood flooring, lush bedding and fabrics, and non-traditional decor items like skulls and petrified wood. If you’re going to include some of the small touches that make this place cozy (like the potted plants and copper cooking accessories,) make sure they can be secured somehow in your rental before it hits the road.

Suzie Dundas


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