What Is Harvest Hosts? (And Some Cool Hosts To Check Out)

Josh SchukmanMarch 8, 2023

What Is Harvest Hosts? (And Some Cool Hosts To Check Out)

As one of the largest outdoor-loving communities on the planet, we at Outdoorsy are all about getting you out there — and one of our favorite ways to do that is with RVs you can rent on our platform.  

And since RV trips usually necessitate overnight parking along your journey, we wanted to tell you about a helpful membership to have with your rented RV. Harvest Hosts is a membership network of over 4,000 farms, wineries, breweries, museums, golf courses, and more that allow free overnight RV parking – all they ask is that you support the business that hosts you.

Overnight parking options are important for RV road trips because you’ll often need a spot to hang your hat when traveling from point A to point B.

We want to help you answer the question of what is Harvest Hosts and show you some of our favorite regions (and favorite RV rentals) for Harvest Hosting.

Harvest Host Ready RVs For Rent Near You

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Harvest Host FAQs

What is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts is a membership network that opens the door to unlimited stays at over 4,000 unique camping locations with no camping fees (apart from your annual membership fee).

How much does Harvest Hosts cost?

$99-$179 per year depending on membership level. The annual fee allows unlimited single-night dry camping for the year. 

How many nights can I stay at Harvest Hosts?

The Harvest Hosts Code of Conduct states that members should stay no more than one free night at any one location. Hosts are free to charge for additional nights.

Is Harvest Hosts Worth it?

Absolutely! No matter which membership level you choose, you’ll have access to over 4,000 locations. That means with just 3-4 nights of free camping, you’ll make your money back. Every Harvest Hosts stay from then on is all gravy. 

Harvest Hosts campervanning

How do hosts make money?

Hosts make money by selling their products to guests and (sometimes) by charging for hookups and/or nights beyond the one free Harvest Host night. 

Part of the Harvest Hosts Code of Conduct states that members should make purchases as support for the hosts they stay with. 

What’s the difference between Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome?

Harvest Hosts recently purchased Boondockers Welcome, allowing you to add this network onto your membership for 7,500+ locations you can camp at. 

How many places can I stay with Harvest Hosts?

At the time of this writing, Harvest Host memberships are sold in three tiers. The $99 level gets you 4,000+ locations. The $169 level gets you 7,500+ locations. The $179 level gets you 8,000+ locations including golf courses and access to 7,000 dump stations. 

The Harvest Hosts code of conduct states that you should also make a purchase while you’re there. 

Our Favorite Regions and Rigs For Harvest Hosting

With 8,000+ locations in the Harvest Hosts network, it’d be impossible to create a list of the best Harvest Hosts in the U.S.

Instead, we’re going to dig into some of the best regions to find Harvest Hosts and show you some RVs for rent that would be perfect for some winery/brewery hopping. 

NOTE: Be sure to sign up for Harvest Hosts and check the app before you go Host hopping — that’s the best way to get the most up-to-date list of Host sites around the country. 

Tillamook, Oregon

Harvest Hosts helps you make the most out of RV trips

Cheese anyone? This recognizable region of Oregon is stacked with exquisite cheese farms, wineries, boutique farms, and more.

Places like the Blue Heron Cheese Company and Chateau Nonchalant Vineyards are two examples of the many Harvest Hosts that’ll get you a place to hang your hat while you experience the area. 

This region of Oregon puts you close to Portland, the Oregon Coast, and a Highway 1 coastal road trip.

Check out these RVs for rent near Portland:

RV for rent near Portland perfect for Harvest Hosts
  • We love T@G campers like this one in Portland because they’re easy to tow and feature great amenities like an outdoor kitchen. 
Tag camper for rent near Portland

Napa Valley

Harvest Hosts lets you camp in vineyards

The longest-standing wine capital of the U.S. has to make a list like this. Napa Valley has gotten so known over the years that it can be quite spendy to go there the traditional way (i.e. booking expensive hotels, flights, and a rental car).

That’s why RVing through this wine mecca is so appealing — you can get there, stay there, and explore there affordably

And Harvest Host sites in the region open the door to camping right at a vineyard — enjoying a sip of wine as you watch the sunset from your site. 

The Napa region also puts you in RVing range of places like the Bay Area and Yosemite National Park.

(P.S. When you head to Yosemite – be sure to also plan a stay at Bass Lake at Yosemite RV Resort, an Outdoorsy owned property where we’ll host you like family.)

Check out these RVs for rent near Napa Valley:

Campervan for rent near Napa Valley that's ready for a Harvest Host
Class C RV for rent near Napa valley

Southern California

Beaches, mountains, national and state parks, and farms all abound in this region. That means there’ll be plenty of Harvest Host sites for you to explore along the way. 

And if that isn’t enough for you — this zone is home to some of the best golf courses in the world. Harvest Hosts has a membership level that lets you camp at the links while you work on your swings. 

Hatfield Creek Vineyards and the Chula Creek Golf Course are just two examples of the hundreds of host spots you could camp at in this region. 

Be sure to also take your RV to Joshua Tree National Park — a spectacular setting just a few hours away from here. 

Check out these RVs for rent in Southern California:

RV for rent near Joshua Tree National Park
Travel trailer for rent near Joshua Tree National Park

Southwest Colorado

Durango Silverton railroad near several Harvest Hosts locations

RVing to this region plugs you into places like Durango, The San Juans, Silverton, and Ouray. SW Colorado is packed with an overabundance of access to outdoorsy stuff — even by Colorado’s high standards.

Harvest Hosts around here will be less farm/vineyard-centered and more brewery centered (which is a-ok in our book 🙂 Places like Mancos Brewing Company will let Harvest Host members overnight onsite while gaining easy access to spots like Mesa Verde National Park and the San Juans.  

And be sure to also hang your hat at Bayfield Riverside RV Park – another Outdoorsy-owned spot that’s central to all the things in Southern Colorado.

Check out these RVs for rent in Southwest Colorado:

  • This 4×4 truck camper gets you two important things for The San Juans: off-road capability and space compact-ability. 
Truck bed camper for rent near Durango perfect for Harvest Hosts
Campervan for rent near Durango that's great for Harvest Hosts


Florida is a major RVing hub because of its abundance of sunshine, beaches, and wealth of RV-friendly amenities. 

Harvest Hosts sites in Florida run the gamut from places like Lavender farms to regular farms to golf courses to museums to vineyards to breweries, and more. 

And for one of the more quirky-cool hosts we’ve seen — check out Gulf Coast Gator, a working Gator ranch just the other side of the Florida Panhandle in Mississippi.

If you’re a car guru, take your RV to a place like the Tallahassee Auto Museum where you can camp out while nerding out over classic cars. 

Check out these RVs for rent in Florida:

Class C RV for rent in Florida
Fifth-wheel RV for rent in Florida

The Southwest

Utah national park

Harvest Host RVing through The Southwest opens the door to things like Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks, ranch experiences criss-crossing Arizona, and even places like Windrush Alpaca Farm in New Mexico. 

Northern Arizona also features award-winning wineries around Sedona and The Verde Valley

When you need plenty of sun and plenty of outdoors, this zone has you covered. 

Check out these RVs for rent in The Southwest:

Class C RV for rent near Albuquerque
  • The Roaming Ritz is a luxury campervan in Phoenix with enough room for a family. 
Campervan for rent in the southwest


The Lone Star State brings it when it comes to RV-friendly Harvest Host spots.

There are spots like the Texas Air Museum in San Antonio. 

The Wilderness Golf Club in Lake Jackson. 

The Dancing Bee Winery just outside Austin makes Honey Wine-Mead while hosting RVers who have a Harvest Hosts membership.  

And then there are Harvest Hosts sites like a popular Farm to Fork stopover in a ghost town. 

All this and more can be at your fingertips when you RV through Texas with your membership

Check out these RVs for rent in Texas:

Class C RV for rent in Texas
Class A RV for rent in Houston

Thanks to Harvest Hosts, the days of RVers having to overnight in Wal-Mart parking lots is on the decline. And while there’s nothing wrong with the occasional Wal-Mart overnight (as long as you clear it with the store), we say it’s much better to roll off the beaten path a bit to find a homey spot to hang your hat. A Harvest Host membership will do that for you

And when it comes to an RV for the trip — check out these RV rentals near you

Josh and his wife traveled around the country in an '88 Airstream for 4+ years of full-time RVing. They made an unexpected pitstop in Montana in 2020 and haven't left since. That's because they got hooked on the glamping resort they run by Glacier National Park. Fittingly, they keep up their RVing love by renting out vintage Airstreams and other retro RVs to travelers hitting Montana.

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