We love to help.

We love to help.

Can I get reimbursement from Stays guests for unexpected costs?

As an Outdoorsy host, providing a worry-free experience for your guests is a priority. While most bookings go smoothly, it’s important to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. You may encounter situations where you need to address additional costs such as damage, missing items, or extra cleaning expenses. In this guide, we’ll explore how to navigate these situations and request reimbursements from the guest.

This reimbursement request process applies only to Stay bookings and not RV bookings.

How should I handle any additional charges, like damage or extra cleaning, after my guest checks out?

If you encounter additional costs after your booking ends, or are notified of them by the guest during their stay, you can initiate a reimbursement request with Outdoorsy’s dedicated Resolution Team. 

How do I start a reimbursement request for unexpected expenses for Stays bookings?

  • Document Evidence: Gather evidence of any unforeseen expenses, including damage, missing items, or additional cleaning expenses. This can be accomplished by capturing photos or videos, or by obtaining a statement from the guest acknowledging these costs. Get repair or cleaning estimates, and/or receipt.
  • Contact Support: Within 7 days after the responsible guest’s checkout, initiate a reimbursement request by reaching out to Outdoorsy Support.
    • Select the “?” icon in the lower right of your screen
    • Or, email support@outdoorsy.com
    • Or, call 877-723-7232.

What happens after I file a reimbursement request with Outdoorsy Support?

  • Assessment: Outdoorsy’s Resolutions Team carefully reviews the provided information, which may includes your initial message to the guest and any additional insights from the guest. They may also reach out to other parties involved to gather a complete picture of the situation.
  • Guest response: Your guest will have 48 hours to respond to the request. If they agree to the charges or choose not to respond, the guest’s payment method on file with Outdoorsy will be charged accordingly. The funds will then be transferred directly to you, and the reimbursement request will be closed.
  • Negotiation: If the guest has concerns or wishes to negotiate a partial payment, they can decline the reimbursement request. In such cases, Outdoorsy’s Resolutions Team will step in to facilitate a fair and amicable resolution between you and the guest. This ensures that both parties can reach an agreement that is satisfactory to all.

Do I have liability coverage under the Stay Protection Package?  

Yes, during the rental period our Protection Package for Stays includes coverage of:

  • Up to $1M in liability coverage
  • Free 24/7 customer support

For more information, or if you need to file a liability claim for one of your stay bookings, please refer to our Protection Packages for Stays article.