We love to help.

We love to help.

Data dictionary

MemberSomeone who signs up on Outdoorsy.com. Members can sign up directly by email, Apple, Facebook, or Google, or indirectly by starting an RV listing and providing their email address.
RV hostAn Outdoorsy member who owns an RV and publishes an RV listing on Outdoorsy.com.
GuestAn Outdoorsy member who requests a booking or rents from an RV host.
RV host success teamA combined effort between enthusiastic educators from the Outdoorsy staff and RV hosts who volunteer as mentors. The team’s mission is to help RV hosts achieve their financial goals by renting through a fun, safe RV marketplace.
Customer Support TeamYour go-to support team for any questions or concerns. Email [email protected] or call (415) 930-4841. If you need an immediate answer, write a message using our live chat feature located at the bottom right corner of Outdoorsy.com.
INSTAmatchINSTAmatch is an Outdoorsy feature on your dashboard that connects RV owners with people in the area who are actively looking to rent an RV. You receive a quick summary of their trip and can either send a quote or start a chat with the renter.
INSTAbookINSTAbook is an Outdoorsy feature that allows renters to reserve owners’ RVs immediately, without pre-approval. This is a great way to maximize earning potential; just be sure to keep your availability up to date.
DMV checkA DMV check is required for our renters to drive an RV. Before booking an RV, renters are prompted to upload a photo of their driver’s license. The verification, if approved, happens in minutes. If the renter isn’t approved, the booking doesn’t qualify for Outdoorsy’s liability insurance coverage.
Verified driverVerified drivers have undergone Outdoorsy’s extensive driving background check and are approved to drive vehicles on the platform.
Additional driverAdditional drivers can be added to a trip, within a single Outdoorsy account, as long as they’re verified on the Outdoorsy platform. (This requires the same process as the DMV check above). In order to add a driver, the person hnewing the Outdoorsy account must also be a verified driver.
Booking requestsThe first step in matching renter to owner! A booking request tells RV owners that a renter is interested in your vehicle. Requests include a quick summary of the trip, including dates, destination and estimated mileage. Owners should act fast to either approve the request or follow up with additional questions. A booking request doesn’t guarantee a rental until further steps are taken.
National General InsuranceOutdoorsy has partnered with National General Insurance to offer a unique insurance program designed to work with commercial coverage.
Add-onsTo add a few extra amenities for the renter, RV owners can offer add-ons in addition to the cost of their rental (pricing at the owners’ discretion). Add-ons might include extra mileage fees, cleaning fees, equipment (e.g. BBQs and camp chairs), bicycles or generators.
Seasonal ratesSeasonal rates—the practice of raising rates during high-demand months—are discretionary (but common) in the RV community. In the US, the typical busy season for camping runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Owners might also consider lowering their prices during off-season months.
Affiliate / referralThe affiliate/referral program gives Outdoorsy members a little kick-back for spreading the good word about our community. Members can share a unique referral link with others, and when that link is used to complete a trip with Outdoorsy, the referring member gets a bonus deposited directly into their bank account.
TaxesIncludes any local or federal taxes required for a rental, including sales tax. Tax rates vary widely by state and locality. Depending on the state, Outdoorsy may be required to collect state sales taxes on behalf of the owner. A standard rate of 8.25% will be charged. 

If the RV is in a state that doesn’t require tax collection, owners may still choose to collect it with a custom add-on to their bookings. In this case, or if owners are on Wheelbase, tax fees are released to owners as part of their normal payout and should be paid according to local rules and regulations.

ClaimsA claim is a formal request to Outdoorsy’s partner insurance company asking for a payment based on the terms of the insurance policy. Outdoorsy will work with the RV owner, renter, and insurance company to validate claims—and make payouts if approved.
Third-party claimsA claim where the incident is handled by the other person or party involved in the incident. If the third party was responsible for an accident, the owner would work with that person(s) insurance for resolution.