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Memories made on trips with T.J. Grigoryan's RVs

Jennifer H.

5March 2024

Very very nice man!

More R.

5August 2023

We had a great time! Amazing upgrade for camping. The RV was great for our needs. The maintenance is a little low.

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Fabiano S.

4August 2023

Tj B.

5August 2023

We had an amazing three week cross-country trip with our six kids. We traveled 5,700 miles with very few complications. We had a rear tire blow out 30 miles into the trip. Roadside assistance worked well and got us back on the road. The back four tires had to be replaced and TJ was super communicative and helpful in ensuring we were taken care of. He paid for all costs directly and compensated us fairly for lost time. The RV has a lot of miles and is well used. It wasn’t to our initial cleanliness standard when we got it, but it only took a few minutes and some Lysol wipes to get it to our personal standard. The majority of the trip was nearly perfect otherwise. We had plenty of room and accomplished everything we set out to do.

T.J.’s answer

Thank you TJ!

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Aaron N.

5July 2023

This RV was perfect for our family trip across south Utah. Very easy to get to from the SLC Airport and easy transition into the vehicle.

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Krin K.

5July 2023

TJ is a great host, always available and ready to help with any questions we had.

Devan N.

5June 2023

TJ was an excellent host. Incredibly quick to answer any questions. Walked me through the RV to make sure I knew where everything was. Included more than what we needed. I'd highly recommend.

Stacie C.

4June 2023

Josh B.

5June 2023

TJ was very prompt with communication. The RV was perfect for our trip and we travelled several states. Everything worked perfectly in the RV and had zero issues. I would highly recommend TJ and his RV.

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Jared B.

5June 2023

TJ was great from the beginning, very responsive and helpful. It was a great experience with a fun rv, I would highly recommend.

Ke Z.

3May 2023

TJ was very friendly, kind and understandable. Pick-up location and process was easy and seamless and the walk through was very quick although I would have liked if the functionality of the RV was explained more. For a 200K mile RV I was scared driving it but it actually drove great no worries or hiccups there. The RV itself was very old and there were a lot of stains everywhere, a lot of wear and tear around the whole RV and small bits of broken glass but that was understandable for the price point and given how old it was. The generator did over heat a lot and set off the circuit breakers so we had to manually start it back up but we were out in the sun a lot and just let it cool for a few hours. The only really bad thing about the RV was the smell of the fresh water. Whether it came out from the sinks, shower, or from flushing the toilet all the fresh water smelled of sulfur or rotten eggs. The freshwater tank must be that old or never been flushed or swapped out because every time we ran the water pump there was such a bad smell. We opted to shower outside/pay for showers and wash dishes at a fountain or pump so we didn't reek up the RV. That was the only unbearable thing about TJ's RV other than that I had a pretty okay RV experience with TJ and outdoorsy, thank you.

T.J.’s answer

Hey Ke, thank you for your feedback. I have performed a fresh water tank flush since and a deep clean to get rid of most older stains. Thanks

Silvia S.

4April 2023

John R.

3November 2022

I think one improvement would be a deep cleaning of the RV. There was a terrible smell in the RV. It would have been nice to have some printed instructions specific to the RV; in particular anything a little unusual. The RV was very noisy( a lot of rattling).

T.J.’s answer

Hey John, thanks for your feedback. We have performed a deep clean before and after the trip. Smell was fine at check in, and unit was winterized so I am not sure what could have possibly caused a bad smell. This unit does actually have printed instructions next to all amenities. Rattle could have come from stove grill, which I recommended to remove and store elsewhere if noisy.

Amadou A.

4November 2022

Enjoyed the trip in the south west with TJ 's RV

Caleb H.

3October 2022

TJ is very nice and understanding. We got an early check in and late check out. The camper could have been cleaner upon check in but after a quick clean in the fridge and getting rid of some hidden trash the camper was perfect for our needs.

Dylan W.

5October 2022

TJ was very accommodating! RV was great!